What do you think of the wheels being black instead of yellow?



Looks meaner with black wheels. The removal of the decals is also a huge improvement.

Much better! that bike is gorgeous now!

Agreed, much nicer!

Looks great.

Still yellow

Shut it grandad

Black is definitely better. Would be set off very nicely by some reflective rim tape - match the white stripes on tank etc.

I say this cos I’ve just put some on black wheels myself - nobody’s commented yet though, so it might be a disastrous fashion faux-pas!

Very nice. I prefer the black wheels on my GSXR also, BUT they are impossible to keep clean A little yellow rim tape would give it that MototGP look

Black Terry. You know it makes sense.

place a pic of it for us mate! lol

Nice wheels

But the bike is still YELLOW

now ya got ta do the bike to match the wheels

In my honest opinion Terry I think you should have them Kawazaki Green!!!



terry green rims.jpg

Hen next time I am near your bike remind me to take a dump on your petrol tank

What did I do? Can’t a guy have an opinion these days



Fug off!

Rim taped and looking good



I still prefer mine… don’t you?


MMMmaybe bring it over later and me and Mim will bring out the spray cans