What do you think he's doing?

Just watched this. Pretty shocking state of affairs but whats new!

Check out from 2:23 on looks like he pulls a poo out his pants and throws in on the floor WTF…

Just by your comment I really don’t give a fuck on what he’s doing.

I’m going to pass on that as well

This from the town known as the Monkey Hangers, because they thought it was a French spy.

glad I dont live there, must be soul destroying.

Few years back I was offered a job in Hartlepool. Turned it down as I didn’t fancy the surrounds :slight_smile:

They only have ten cops on patrol in Hartlepool on a Friday/Saturday night? That’s shocking.

I think that was due to Theresa May’s massive cutbacks to the police when she was Home Secretary. And I reckon her motive for that was, as her husband is a major shareholder or partner (can’t remember which) in G4S, she was trying to starve the police forces of money, to ensure they can’t do the job properly, then to subcontract police work out to her husband’s company.

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IIRC his shareholding in G4S was debunked.

Yep, but still doesn’t mean she’s trying to starve the police to privatise and profit out of it.