What do you think about the Suzuki GSX1400

What do you think of the GSX1400?

I have my eye on one and wondered if there are any owners here who can tell me anything I should know about them. Good or bad.



Good bike, perhaps the best of the big muscle retro style.

Then again I’m biased cos its a zuki. Hope you’ve got the strength to wrestle that 250kg (ish) monster around…

Thanks gooner, I am nearly that heavy so hopefully will manage it!

I’ve had a K3 model for over a year now and I love it to death - wouldn’t part with it for the world (neither will most owners - except to buy a new one).

GOOD: Looks, street presence, big, all-day comfort (for pillion too), brutal torque (96lb ft), six-speed box, no vibes, bullet-proof, GSXR brakes, fully adjustable suspension.

BAD: Rear shocks can leak (expensive), not as nimble as a sports bike - it handles well but you need to boss it. If you take a test-ride, think: “counter-steering”.

Take a look at www.gsx1400.org/gsx1400_board plenty of experts on there.

As Paul Snr would say: “Just get it done!”

BTW Blue & White ones are faster (in-joke)

hi dan. got k3 must say well happy with it .goes well ,two up or solo…keeps with most bikes.it likes its neck rung now and then, good size tank.good for long trips/ got twin race pipes .sonds the biz.you i love it…

Yep I’v ad a go on Tug’s, seemed a good allrounder, definatly comfortable & He’s looks good in my mirrors

…and here is another biased view, the ZRX has history dripping from it (and no other muscle bike can say that) although the Honda does come close.

I not going to get into a child-like “my bikes the best” post here, cuz when it comes down to it we all love our bikes and we are all bikers.

If your looking around , check out our site, www.zrxuk.co.uk , or our sister site www.zrxoc.com plenty of info there, on the zrxuk site there is a unbiased section in FaQ, telling of all the good and bad points.

Ok they dont make the ZRX any more , but you can pick up new ones if you look around.

My Mates got a Honda CB1300, and i like that very much too.

But all in all, i think they are very much the same…(after the best one…the ZRX)