What do you lot use to clean your bikes?

Any recommended products or just soap and water? Also is it a good idea jet washing them?

Cheers - Sunny.

Muc-off - its great! if you use jet wash adjust the nozzle so its not so powerfull!

warm water and car shampoo once evry six months does the trick!

I use soap & water, then Pledge to polish.


you cant beat a bit of pledge to polish a bike - thats what we use in our showroom!

And good ol autosol for metal/chrome!!

MucOff and some crazy Fuchs stuff Some fairy liquid is always nice Then a liberal dousing of WD40.

Hein Gericke bike cleaner £8 for 5 litres, lasts me about 6 months + Scottoiler F365 afterwards to protect the bits from road dirt/salt. Makes it easier to clean as well.

Pledge as in the wood polish? and does anyone know if Halfords sell Muc Off?

yes they do - from memory slightly more expensive then from a motorcycle shop though!!

Yep pledge furniture polish - its wicked!!

well, i use triple wax wash, then chamois off, polish with turtlewax, and use wd40 for the plastics and chrome bits!!

loads of soapy water and a small tee-shirt

keep the fairy liquid away from your plastics, it’ll scratch the **** out of them

fuchs/muck off, wd40 and ACF50 in the winter months to stop the furring

also planning on using a valet service every now and again this year to get it really clean

Go to a car spares place and buy a big tin of engine degreaser about £5 buy a soft paint brush. Tip some degreaser into a cup and use the brush to go over the dirty bits. Fill bucket with warm soapy water and use some proper wax shampoo to protect plastic and paintwork and away you go. The engine degreaser lasts forever goes a long way and works a lot better than gunk or muc off which are both stupidy expensive and not as good.

ooh terry have you ever thought of applying to Bluepeter? ha ha!

I own the show mate didnt ya know that! I am extremely wealthy I just hide it well is all

Autoglym bodywork shampoo assorted diff polishes hard work no deff no washing up liquid it will damage the paintwork

Is Pledge better than Mr Sheen??? ( which I use for chrome etc )

Salae, you use loads of soapy water, and wear the small tshirt?

you want to come and wash my bike ?


Yes pledge is better , it has bees wax in it.


Went to Halfords at lunchtime and got Muc Off and a can of Pledge from Sainsburys.

Oh and Sal…your welcome round mine aswell mate.