What do you have.

Just wondering what lids everyone wears.

I have an Arai Astro-R in John reynolds and a Shoei X-spirit in Kato colours.

This one. Arai Condor in Starflag blue colours.



black craft rx-7, flip up thing with slide down visor, one hjc, one agv with piranha design and a white arashi.

different lids for different moods

Shoei Syncrotec flip-front (Black) - never wear it as it’s a bit tight.

Nolan N41 Classic Plus open-face (Smoke Grey) - very comfortable for local, summer wear.

Nolan N102 VPS N-Com flip-front (White) - very comfortable.

a black Arai…which is Ty’s but i wear it cos its more comfortable than the red Roof ‘up n over’ one i have…

which was ok for the Harley but for the Ninja it seems to ride up and cut off the circulation to my ears…!

Shiny (well, for the moment anyway) plain black HJG FG-14, with Fog City light-reactive hyperoptics thingy on the visor.

Bit of a pain to have a helmet with those blasted D rings, but it’s comfy. And that visor insert is terrific. Almost no steaming up at traffic lights (except the specs, but that’s not the visor’s fault) and I love the colour change.

Have you not got the mark 2 version TonUp…you know the one with the white side pods ?

i have a hjc flowerpower and a hjc hq1 carbon fibre lid, top quality!




Til the new Haga lid comes out, I’m currently wearing a John Reynolds Celebration rep while my grey RX7’s being sprayed up:

helmets i’ve owned since 1997 posted below (sad or wot? hehe)

XR1000 Chimera

I’ve got the same Arai as you Johnp

Between my 2 lids the Arai is the most comfortable and the queitest. The Shoei is a great lid and lighter than the Arai.

Did I mention I’ve got a new lid ?


Er, no, I don’t think so…

Heard any mention of Trojan’s new lid, anybody…?

I got these…





Yep, they’re in the loft, ready to use when the current ones break… which, being Arai, they inevitably will

Ya can borrow dem when yours snap off…again!

OGK Steve Hislop replica…



AGV Stealth

here’s my lid…love it to bits!!!