What do you guys think of these?


To listen goto http://www.stebel.it/stebel/index2006.htm , click on the motorcycle, then “Nautilus Compact Series” button.

I’m thinking of mounting one under the rear seat.

Awesome gotta love an air horn


This the one?

I replaced the standard on my 600rr with it and it worked really well as a horn loud as f*!k

Only problem was the clearance with the front mudguard if the brakes were applied hard.

If you can find a suitable mounting point then i’d recommend it.

That is the little brother.

Right I’ve ordered the Nautilus - I wonder if I need to put a health warning on the front of my bike to warn stupid motorists? See http://www.sfu.ca/sca/Manuals/ZAAPf/t/thresh_pain.html

Actually, I almost feel sorry for the next guy that pulls out on me with his window open…

Funniest moment I had using it was when a scooter commuter cut me up so he could be at the front at a set of traffic light. I wasn’t that bothered but when the lights changed he was wasn’t paying attention and just sat there. A short blast and he literally jumped out of his seat. I had a big grin all the way to work that day.

Stebel website - a whole world of horn noises

I was thinking of fitting the nautical pair.
One blast for a right turn, two for a left )