What do you do?

Now that we know where you guys live we need to know whos rich

So what do you do for a living? I’ll start, I’m a riding instructor and I run a bar in the city.

driving instructor, bloody cars.

muhhaaaa im a lorry driver

Thats why i spank my bike on the way home, restricted to 55 mph all day…

i dig graves

i also do private work

i provide flat with the bodies

Courier, bike mechanic, distributer for A.B.E. discs and fork legs http://www.allbikeengineering.co.uk/index.html Data-tool approved fitter, Build engines for things like this

Few other things as well.

Do private work from my own workshop and always willing to quote for work.

Telly Producer, director, photographer, decorator, beer drinker, party animal, loud mouth, ego-maniac and general hot bod that the babes struggle to resist…the last one doesn’t pay so good, but the perks are great

dont work won the lottery yesterday

Nah im a electricions apprentice

I work as a Sales consultant for Cadburys and I love it

I spend all my spare time building LB into something special…
(join me)

That would be me…

I count beans.

I work in the bookbinding trade, i.e. leather bound books rare or not, gold edge gilding, gold finishing etc etc.

So this bar you run, is it a good un or a poncey 1 which wont let us in if we have leathers, tattoos etc?

I got made redundant 3 months ago and can’t find a job that pays the same money that i was on…so gissa job

im a night truck driver

I’m in charge of an office that cancels trains in the South East of England.


Im the bloke that f**ks up the Signalling Syetems !!!

Barro says

Im the bloke that f**ks up the Signalling Syetems !!!

Nice to know someone else that enjoys their job


Self employed AutoSpark.

Supplying and installing Trackers/Hands Free/SatNav/Cruise Control/Alarms etc etc

Also supply subcontract services to national installation firms

Also run IFitStuff.com the UK’s largest engineer resource

And I ride bikes in my spare time

architectural visualiser/commercial interior designer

Computer support engineer, usually working nights.