What do you do when you filter past a distracted driver on a mobile phone?

I was going to kick a dent into her Vauxhall Corsa or call the police, but it’s a bit hard to do on a bike.

Girl looked about 12 years old and when I beeped her, she just put the phone down, giggled, and swerved erratically trying to take control of the car with two hands.

On reflection, she was probably driving better with just one hand on the wheel.

What do you do when this happens?

On the motorway: pull aside, beep, point at them, keep pointing until phone goes down.

In stationary traffic: lean on the horn continuously until they put the phone down. My horn is loud. :smiley:

Stay the fuxk out of their way?

i always want to ‘gently’ tap on their window … :w00t:
but dont want to startle them and drop their phone :hehe:


I thought about that. But I’d have to emigrate to the Orkney Islands or somewhere as remote to stay out of their way…

Either ride past and mime the hand to the helmet “on the phone” which I then change into an oscillating circle (W*nker), this works better with men though…

how about dipping the clutch letting those stallions scream as i ride past :smiley:

I have been known to pull in front of said phone user and slam the brakes on then give them a lot of verbal:Whistling: best one was up town they had there window open so i grabbed the moby and launched it…then carried on my merry way:D think they were so shocked they just sat there!!

If we’re stopped in traffic, I confess to sometimes looming over the window until they notice me. It’s quite funny to watch them jump and hang up the phone.

Usually I just try to stay well away from them, though. Only once (when a car was swerving all over the place) have I indicated that I think the driver’s orgasms take place in solitude…

i carry on rideing,fuk all to with me if ther on the phone,:slight_smile:

I just ride next to them and blast the horn and when filtering, dip the clutch and a few revs, open cans on a 07 r1 are f**king loud!!!:smiley:

Normally beep repeatedly next to them until they put the phone down, or wind down the window and ask what on earth I think I’m doing.

I’ve developed rather a bad habit of berating drivers recently, though. At some point, someone’s going to hit me, and I’ll probably deserve it.

Be careful when riding past but when I come almost level with them I rev the fug out of my bike, can’t hear fug all so they may as well hang up :slight_smile:

I am not proud of it but…wing mirrors …fold them in…P****s them right off! (althought to be fair there arent many that actually use them !)

Fold them in?

I do what I can to let drivers know when they’ve got them folded in…


if theyre not affecting me i leave them be - live and let live and all that :stuck_out_tongue: im not the police

if theyre driving is dangerous because of it then i beep the horn loudly then stay out of the way!

ive had someone beep at me whilst i was in the car on the phone, i dont do it that often but we were in a traffic jam and my handbrake was on and not going anywhere for quite a while, and he felt it was his “duty” to beep and wag his finger at me like a headteacher

he wasnt the police so i smiled and stuck my finger up at him - its only one step up from curtain twitching and reporting your neighbours from leaving the wrong bin out on the wrong day - if youve got nothing better to do you have a very sad life!

I know what I’d like to do, but I’m afraid that when I get started I can’t stop, so I avoid and get past them as quickly as I can.

Sorry i should have said when they are totally oblivious to your existance as all others around them and are a danger or its looking that way.

Not just because of the phone as thats possibly a little harsh!