what do ya think

hey all,

about to add some bits to my 05 cbr6rr. what do you reckon?

or can you recommend a better one.

1, r&g crash bungs

2, puig dark smoke screen

3, jardines rear fender kit with kellermann micro led indicators

4, akrapovic end can, hexagonal silencer

5,goodrige braided hosee

6, rear shocks, not sure which ones

can you recommend anything else

Me riding it ??

I would go for the whole lot but in this order

  1. r&g crash bungs
  2. goodrige braided hosee
  3. rear shock, ohlin’s or WP
  4. akrapovic end can
  5. puig dark smoke screen
  6. jardines rear fender kit with kellermann micro led indicators

agree with sony on this, but this is assuming that you have enough money left over for advanced training, race school and track days!!!:w00t:

crash-protection, then suspension. Anything else is just accessory fun.

cheers all,

got the r&g’s this morning

ordered the puig & braided hoses

looking for the ohlins now

then the akropovic .

elad, im gonna do some abvanced training & trackdays when the weather gets better…

can you think of anything else? why dont alot of you guys like LED’s?

what screens do you guys have? are puig better qaulity than skidmarx,airblade,zero gravity?

& what rear tail kit do you have?

just got back from chiswick honda & saw 2 lovely 07 600rr’s, he offered a very good price part exchangr for mine. not sure if i can stretch to it juust now though.

just saw theses for the exhaust


has anyone else got duel outlet on a 600RR? would you recommend it? or should i stick to stock