"What do the buttons on my camera do?" workshop. OMC 30th March 1pm

I’m setting up an afternoon’s course to explain what all the buttons and dials on your typical camera do, so any who wants to do more than literally point and click can get a better shot.

The thread is in LB Events, please register your interest there.

Bring you camera if you want.

It isn’t about the ‘art’ of photography, or a critique session, or a how-to-take-photos-like-XYZ course.

But if you want to know your f-stop from your ISO from you WB then come along.

We can prob do about 15 people at a squeeze.

I have an Ikon Ikonita.

I have combined her with a cheap Russian light meter.

She takes 110 film withe 2" negatives.

reserve a place for my missus please chap :slight_smile: