what did you lust after ???

Was at the oakdean last night and these couple of monsters made me go all misty eyed,back in my youth i lusted after a Yamaha XS1100 or one of these Honda CBX 1000 kAWASAKI Z1300…AHHHH those where the days,big bikes ,big indicators and frighteningly skinny tyres !!!


Ahh those were the days, loving the z1300 6 cyclinders of pure excess.

Oooooh … memories!!!

I longed after a 350LC to start with … this dream was achieved a few years back … had a lot of fun on that sucka!!

Then I fancied a GPZ900R … never got one, but I’ve kinda surpassed it now although I still think it’s a beautiful classic.

I love those bikes! I used to have a Honda CBX750F back in 1986 when I was a young boy. Loved that to bits

What is more scary is the 2 pot caliper! How hard to stop an oil tanker lol

I would like a Barry Sheene RG500, in his colours! That would be an eye-opening experience, I’m sure. A friend, Frank, races these crazy bikes in the Classic race series.

Will this do ya.



I’ve still got one. Its almost a minter too…if I knew how to post pics…

When I was a kid, many many years ago I loved looking at bikes. My parents wouldn’t allow me to have one and was into cars from 17 on. Finally got into bikes. I landed up buying a bike I had always admired, brand spanking new from the showroom, and that is my ZX7R. I still rate it as one of the best looking bikes ever built. Ok, so she is now old and underpowered in comparison to the new rockets, but I still love her to bits.

Yes, thanks buck!

Have to agree the ZX7 is one of those gorgeous bikes that will always be remebered!

GPZ900 for me, the original modern sportsbike, bought one in 85 and still got it. The Ferrari 288GTO is on the list too, sadly I never got to buy one of them…