What did you fail on?

Think Stevie and DevsTa need to hear our numptie stories / test failures.

Let me start with my numpty story:

On way back from CBT test on newly purchased scooter, fell off twice. Took Scooter back to garage and was offered £1100 for the scoot which had just 65km on clock…plus a bit of scratching! Paid £1800 and didn’t want to lose all that money to it stayed in garage.

Year later and I took job overseas (in Lagos) and left bike in garage. While away I sold my house and brother moved all my bits into storage, except the scoot which he couldn’t get in the van, so he left it in the road to go back for it later. When he went back for the scoot, it was stolen. Uninsured too. (why would you insure a bke left in a locked garage?)

So, the scoot cost me £1850 plus hemlet and gloves (£100), insurance (£250) - Total £2,200…total mileage 64Km. Works out per mile more expensive than a Ferrari.

6 years later redid the CBT, passed DAS…so don’t give up boys!

Aww… Cheers Nick,

Not only for trying to cheer us up but also because this should make for a blerdy interesting thread :smiley:

(Anyways, I had beer & a burger yesterday as a consolation, so I is happy as a hippy :D)

The u-turn, twice. No other minor on either test :crying:

3rd time I nailed the u-turn and passed with no minors :w00t:

I have already described how I failed by being confused by a combination of roadsigns behind the testing station. I was failed on failing to observe the signs.

When I passed I thought I had failed after a very wobbly hill start. I had never practiced these as I had three seperate instructors say “You’re on an automatic. They never test the hill start on them as it is too easy so we won;t bother practicing it!”

did my test 2 years ago last week,and it was properly pissing it down all the way down to the test centre.
it stopped actually for the test, and i passed all the manoeuvres (?sp) etc no worries.

then on the last 2 or three mins he had me come up to a T-junction and instructed me to take a left. there was a stop sign, and i could clearly see to the right so could see the road was clear. there was a puddle right across the road, and i knew it was fecking deep cause i’d seen a car go through it just before, so i had the fear about putting my foot down and it being deeper than i thought and slipping/dropping the bike. I knew it was a stop sign though so stopped the bike moving using just brakes, then went for it - as it was clear

he failed me on failing to comply with the Stop sign and said it was for “not putting your foot on the ground at the stop sign so i couldn’t tell you’d stopped” then told me that had he been riding he would’ve done the same as me. never been so narked off as that day…

I`ve never failed car, bike or advance riding test.

Sorry guy`s.

I failed first time on the emergency stop. Missed the cue from the instructor on the first attempt, doh!- he then sent me round the block saying never mind have another go… I think I might have been a bit tense for the second attempt…massive rear wheel lock-up apparently left a huuuuge skid mark (although strangely I was completely oblivious and thought I’d stopped perfectly in control :)). The instructor must have made up his mind there and then as we didn’t finish the test. We just round round the block a few times and back to the test centre. At the time I was devastated but a couple of weeks later I’d passed and it was all forgotten although the ability to emergency stop by applying maximum rubber to the tarmac has never really left me.:wink:

I put my foot down on my u turn, was given a second chance passed :w00t: lets just say the wonder bra did wonders :smiley:

Smug git! :smiley:

After I failed, I should have tattooed to my eyelids what my instructor had been saying to me all week: “Turn your f**king indicators off, you muppet!” Yup, forgot to turn them off on the first test, after doing a lovely u-turn. Got a couple of minors as well but can’t remember them because I was so cross about the indicators.

Tried again three weeks later and sailed through it.

Passed car and bike test first time. Looking at the IAM for this year or maybe next. Don’t seem to have much free time though.

So all your time is taken up laminating pictures of Lou for your personal pleasure.:wink:

No the word your looking for is gratification. :cool:

i did bloody brilliant!! until i got back to the test centre, just had the pillion question to do… Dropped my bike onto another instructors bike, put a lovely hole in the fairing, all in front of the examiner. Sorry to tell you that you’ve failed!! hahahaha.

Passed the 2nd time round though.

You really should change your name to “Calamity”;):smiley:

Me? Passed first time;) (but it was a whole lot easier in 1979:w00t:)

+1 no miors eitha :smiley: :cool:

Calamity mel, :D, love it.

I failed on a dangerous fault about 2 minutes into my first test. I had turned right onto a main road, a junction slightly further up the road had a car waiting to come out. Although I had priority, the examiner deemed it dangerous as the car could have pulled out at any time. Might is right huh? At least I had a lovely full run at the test before he failed me.Whatever you think of that judgement, it was a p!ss poor ride all round as, get this, I had crashed the bike the day before on Margaret’s bends in Chingford. I was in as much of a state as the poor ER5. Indicators held up with tape. Me unable to perform proper lifesavers because my neck was sore… (I had flown over the handlebars).

I had also dropped the bike earlier the day I crashed, and had dropped it about 3 times during my DAS course. :hehe:

Now this is the important bit: the extra lessons meant I breezed through the second test. Not long after that my former DAS instructor took me for an advanced ride and said I’d get RoSPA bronze without any effort.

So suck it up and take it as an opportunity to be a better biker. Better than passing and riding like sh!t.

Love it!

Mate of mine failed his car driving test when he side swiped a mobile library…imagine having to give your insurance details on a test…

I Failed the bike test first time inoctober '87… on incorrect positioning at corners.Considering the examiner could only actually see me for 30% of the time becuae he was on foot, I was bleeding unlucky.