What did he expect

some numpty thinks a sport bike can jump like a crosser.


Thats some serious air, and he nearly saved it.

Bloody sceptics:D

It hasnt quite got the suspension travel of a crosser!.. I saw a clip of some guy that jumped a sportsbike, landed it… but he broke both ankles with the landing impact! :pinch:

oh my god, this bloke is crazy


Nice bridge down Queensbridge Road for that…apparently!

In the second video those landings are perfect, he knows what he’s doing.

Turn opposite Red Dog Motorcycles, off the B2026, along the Hever Road, towards Hever. Becomes national speed limit and a nice hump back bridge over the tracks. Guaranteed airtime.

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One for Jetstream and his afterburners on their ride this sunday.

Used to be able to get some minor airtime coming in to work along Victoria Embankment somewhere near Sommerset House I think. Then they smoothed the hump off :frowning:

Obviously she has no problem jumping and getting air on this Ducati:


I had some nice air time and it got into a tank slapper, I jumped over a big hump and flew up in the air, no idea how I got out of it, 5 minutes later as I was filling up a bloke came up to me and said “I saw that, was right behind you, bloody lucky you got away with it, I shat myself…”

Guaranteed air time on the A414 right before Chelmsfor, on the big open road before the roundabout, if you hit 70mph+++:):slight_smile: you’ll fly, quite an amazing feeling, very smooth also. Loved it…

Hooooooooo. I know that bridge. I’m never going to be able to trundle over it again without thinking . . . I wonder if I could . . ? :stuck_out_tongue:

thats only a few streets away from me:Whistling: not that i ever ride past there over 30:hehe:

We have been airbourne once or twice - only because Puppy made us do it:)

Me too. The road surface is a bit rough these days… I had loud complaints from the pillion area this summer after we flew off that :smiley: (She loved it really, honest(.