What crash protection for the Bonne'

Toying with the idea of fitting some form of crash protection to the Bonne’ …
Renntec engine bars in chrome, are these too blingy? inter webby link
R&G classic style aero bobbins, do these stick out too far? inter webby linkLSL crash pads, have a bit of a home made look inter webby linkSomething else, what else is out there?None of the above.

The chrome bars look in keeping, I suppose it depends what you’re after- just performance or good looks? And good looks, of course, are entirely subjective.

+1 on the engine bars, style wise they suit the bike best & having a multi-point fixing should spread any impact better than bobbins.

The LSL ones look bloody dreadful & only appear to mount via the engine cover bolts so could well end up causing more damage than they prevent.

Thanks CGB and Pat, are you saying they don’t look too bling? …

On the Renntec fixing points I’m not so sure the engine bars do have multi fixing points. They look as if they’re supplied in two pieces that wrap around the engine and bolt together front and back, the only fixing to the bike appears to be via a bracket that braces the frame from underneath, see here inter webby linky wotsit

Yes, the LSL appear to bolt onto the engine casings via an alloy plate. The R&G one also bolt onto the engine casings via an alloy plate bur also have a substantial looking bar bracing them.

wot yr bonneville? me m8 took the crash/engine bars off his so might let em go, his is an 06, i will point him this way.

It’s a 2010 865 SE, would the 2006 790 be different?

i dont know m8, i have forwarded this thread to him so may be along soon, although his is the 865 too.


Hello Art, I’m Johns mate.

I took mine off a 2006 T100, I’ve no idea what make they are so I’ll need to have a look for you. I’m away for a few days but I can let you know when I’m back. I would expect them to fit but would need to check. Have you looked at the Triumph RAT website? There’s loads of info on there for evrything to do with the Bonnies.

All the best,


What he said gets my vote :slight_smile:

The others look out of place on your bike.

Well… having been knocked off the Bonneville (twice) it’s a very resilient 'bike. Both times the damage was to the brake lever and wing mirror. The engine and tank were not even scratched both times as with the shape of the 'bike they don’t make contact with the ground…