What colour wheels?

Doing the wheels for my Ninja. Same as the one in the pic… I’m thinking to go for the standard Kwaki green again but perhaps I should jazz it up a bit with something else?

Gotta be green!

green. dont think it would work in any other colour.

id take a colour chart of the green and many other colours, then hold it to this picture and see if it works. tbh. you’re limited on colour on this one:ermm:

shiny silver XD

silver/white/black/green. pick 1.

it’d look rubbish in silter/polished though. how about black spokes/green rims or green spokes/black rims?

White would be great but it shows up too much filth…

Polished silver takes too much effort to maintain…

The rim spoke idea is quite nice but there’s no clear line break where the spoke meets the rim…

Will probably hit the classic green again…

Gotta be a green spoke smoked into the white rim!

Plain white would also look really good!

I’ve been keeping an eye on this on the bay.


that’s where I bought my speedfight from! (and a kicker for conrad considering how much he paid for his bike :P)

could fade the line yeah, or break it up with a white band at the base of each spoke?

Black, looks smart and modern

my office does interior design, i can ask for a quote if you’re interested in a professional service :D:laugh:

hmmm, gold is an interesting choice, could be a wrong choice, why don’t you go for it and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: i’d say green as it will match the rest of your bike and will not look odd, by then you did say you wanted to jazz this bike up…

half the wheel green the other half black?

:smiley: how about splitting it into 4 sections and have one section white, the other black, and then white again, and black again…turn that thing into a chess board…

How about mixing purple into the colour scheme?

hehe, if he’s going to do that then he might as well go for magenta to look completely silly

Nope, I’ve used these guys before and am having them doing my wheels again over the winter. Powdercoating has progressed and the shiny bits just need a quick wash like regular paintwork.


do them green its the right thing to do