What cheap(ish) bike for commuting and occasional B roads

I’m looking to replace my DL-650 Weestrom with something I can actually move around. The wee is just a bit too heavy for me since I damaged my elbow last year.

I’d like something relatively nimble and easy to filter on for a 14 mile commute each day and the occasional trip from City Airport out to Finchingfield.
I’m tempted to look at a supermoto or similar, but all of the ones I’ve seen that I’d be happy to buy (don’t really know enough not to get shafted buying privately) are pretty pricey. The other option is another Hornet or something of that ilk.


for fun on the roads you describe a Hornet or SV isnt a bad choice…

lots about, and not too pricey, fast enough to have fun, and a fair bit lighter than a V-strom.

problem with SM’s is, reliability, and theft, plus if you like the occasional 3 figure visit on the clocks a SM aint for you.

I don’t see 3 figures too often unless I’m in Europe and I’ve switched the clock to kms - I’m getting slower and more cowardly as I age.

The SV has a similar engine to the DL I believe, and if I’m changing, I’d like a big change.

I see hornets around, but the ones I’ve looked at have been very tatty for the money so far.

Heck, I’m even considering a bandit again! :slight_smile: