What chain lube do you use & what's best for cleaning fling off wheel, swing-arm etc?

Unlike my old XT where I was never too fussed about cleaning it, my CRF is a bit smarter. I’ve spent the afternoon doing a few jobs to it including giving it a good clean. However there was a fair bit of crud / chain lube flung over the rear wheel, spokes etc that’ll need going over again.

What do you use for cleaning this crap off, particularly the spokes? And what lube do you put back on that’s good for not flinging itself over the rest of the bike? :cool:

It’s not the lube … it’s what you do after you lube it , the big secret is to leave the lube to soak in for a few mins and then wipe off the excess with a rag . You will now enjoy minimal fling off no matter what lube you use .

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I use wurth dry chain lube… Try warming the chain up after you clean it before applying the lube. Go for a short ride or sth…

I also use wurth dry chain lube. Use wd40 to clean any old dirt…

Any lube will do, apply while hot, allow to soak in, wipe off excess before taking it out :ermm:

Paraffin for cleaning.

use a bit of wd40 to clean it off

Also trying Wurth Dry lube. Looks like it’s doing the job. A lot less crap on the crap, but on the downside, you have to use a lot more frequently in when the weather is wet.

Liquid paraffin to clean - can get lots of it cheap and it does the job. For lubing, whatever I stumble upon in a bike shop - muc-off, sdoc100, etc…

Paraffinto clean the chain and wipe down the rear rim. I used old engine oil to lube it up.

Take two old toothbrushes and tape them together, heads facing each other. Dip in Paraffin, spin rear wheel and scrub away. Takes a little while, but you end up with a clean chain! Then wipe brushes clean and repeat procedure with old engine oil. Chain lubed up. Wipe brushes clean and ready for another go!

I stick bike on rear paddock stand, or use a centre stand if your bike has one.

I just popped into halford to buy new chain lube… SO expensive!!! motorbike chain lube was around the £9 mark so i wondered around a bit more…

Saw some of this stuff:


For £3.99! Seems to work perfectly well too… No fling, made for temps up to 250 degrees… Does the job fine for me and fat cheaper.

I use whatever chain lube I can get my hands on… To clean it off use Comma Hyper Clean. No brushes or sponges required just leave on for 10 mins and rinse. It washes everything off. Its the lazy option.

i thought wd40 was a big no no for cleaning the chain. unless its specifically wd40 chain cleaner (£8.50 a can)

I think the WD40 suggestion was in relation to cleaning the sticky chain lube off other parts of the bike when flung from the chain - like swing arms etc. That’s what I use it for and it works a treat.

Time to ditch my WD-40 and Comma Gear Oil then. I’ve used paraffin before which did the trick but then it became difficult to find as the local hardware shops stopped stocking it due to lack of demand, so I switched to WD-40 which was ok. Will try the Wurth Dry Lube though as regular lubing is less of a ball-ache than regular cleaning.

EP 80/90 gear oil, no horrible sticky residue to clean up.

Muc-Off chain cleaner & lube. Does the job well enough! Though it does leave some sort of greyish gunk on the chain, maybe I used too much.

You get paraffin from B&Q, looking in the heating section. Usually used for outdoor heaters etc… cheap in quantity. I’m still on the 5l lot I bought 6 years ago.