What can I spend my £30 on?

… right, fellow LB’ers … my sister gave me £30 worth of Demon Tweeks vouchers for christmas, and I still haven’t spent it !

So, I have £30, and don’t really want to spend anything else … just the £30.

What would ‘you’ buy if you had £30 in vouchers to spend from demon tweeks?


I don’t have any form of security … apart from alarm (was on when I bought it) - although it’s in a garage!

Erm, I have a balaclava, a neck tube … and all clothing.

I was thinking maybe a disc lock, but wouldn’t know what the best one was ?

Any ideas ?

Braided brake hoses if you haven’t already got em?

Ahh, yes … I have those too !

I have braided hoses, non std can … double bubble screen, tank pad, crash bungs … and erm, that’s it

How about some of those lovely purple anodised alloy engine bolts?

Can’t get much more bling than that

mini indiacators or a tail tidy?

Paddock stand?

Damn, I’m really forgetting what’s actually on the bike ! but I also have a tail tidy kit … lol let me try again with what the bike actually has !!

Tinted Screen
Braided Hoses
Tail Tidy + Small Indicators (rear)
Crash Bungs

Its getting late, but I think that IS it now …

Thanks so far … keep em coming

California Superbike School

Performance Riding Techniques - Andy Ibbott£19.99

Treat yourself to some new tools.

If you can`t find anything to treat yourself with the £30, why not treat me instead.

That’s a good idea

Have you got some wheel go fast stripes ? then you can put the rest in a full tank of petrol and enjoy, cuz it sounds like you have got alot of stuff !

Coloured/race levers - Bar ends - fairing bolt kit - micro mirrors - titanium/carbon tax disc holder - Hugger - seat cowel??? Lots of stuff in their take your pick!

A new colour scheme for your bike ?

If your bike is sorted, why not get some consumables (stuff that you will probably buy anyway) e.g. decent (Wurth) chain lube, new brake pads, good cleaning products, etc…



You can search by price low to high. You could just buy as much as possible of stuff even less than a £1!

Crash bars for a Bandit 600 for little ol’ me If your offering

get a BJ from a bike loving prostitute…

im sure she’ll love the vouchers


Having just had my Paddock Stand delivered, I would definitely advise anyone to get one.

Smiled, you posted that straight after ginger_pixie posted … are you suggesting something here ? lol

Paddock sounds good … but then I think maybe I’ll benefit more from a disc lock ?

Who here has a disc lock, and rates them ?

Thanks for the suggestions so far !