What bugs you about other riders and drivers?

Apart from the obvious, not paying attention or being on their phone, what other things bug you when you’re out and about on the streets of this great country?

2 of mine are;

people who jump red lights
And then on the flip side of that, people who take waaaaaay too long to pull away at traffic lights

So what bugs you?

People who hog the fast lane.


Is that a bit too broad? :smiley:


@ Serrisan

It definitely covers it, but doesn’t make for much of a discussion!

@ Daniel

Yep, that one gets me every time. Except for when both lanes 1 and 2 are empty, then it just makes me laugh!

Recently its been cyclists with those extremely bright flashing lights, I am pretty sure they are illegal due to the fact anyone standing close them becomes dazzled.

They’re actually a very good idea… the sceond someone gets dazzled, they take their foot OFF the accelerator… to a cyclist, that’s result!

Sorry, double post

Since we spend a lot of our time filtering in Lndon, for me it’s drivers that can’t seem to grasp the concept of mirror signal manoeuvre. It is taught from day 1 of driving lessons. It’s in the highway code. BUT people don’t seem to be able to get it right!!!

I doubt that bright cycle lights are illegal - they probably don’t even compare in brightness to a car headlight - it’s more about the angle they’re fixed at and the beam pattern.

I have a pair of very bright lights that I use for offroad riding in the dark, even standing in front of them you wouldn’t be dazzled because I have them pointing down at the road but if I put them on the smallest spot and maximum power then point them out at eye level I’d pretty much blind anyone in their path.

One of my pet hates when commuting is moped riders who squeeze their way through at the lights so they’re at the front of the queue (and probably over the stop line) then set off at glacial speeds, while everyone else has to pull round them to overtake.

Drivers that don’t indicate piss me off the most

@ Monkimark, you clearly haven’t come across them yet and haven’t seen the 1,200 lumen cycle lights for sale in Evans cycle shop which are far brighter than your car headlights but I do agree that if they were fixed at the right angle they would be less of a pain, however I still can not justify the need for that kind of light on Londons roads.

@Toby1, Why don’t you try and sit behind a cyclist at the lights who has them flashing at your eyes? Not very enjoyable, incredibly frustrating and it means you can not actually focus on anything around you, including when it is safe to take off, meaning you could actually take off before it turns green and run the cyclist over a couple of times to make sure.

People who filter but sit between the two vehicles at the front so no-one else can filter.


Do you mean at traffic lights? Surely when you get to the front you have to stop?

too much.

True, but without sounding racists, that is an English teaching technique and at the very least 30% of drivers in London weren’t trained here…

My biggest bug bear is the one’s who just don’t “look ahead”… they fill yellow boxes and then block everyone else… when a little thought would keep things moving…

And the one’s i want to kill most are the sh!ts who scream at you when it was them that screwed up… talk about a demonstration of the utter collapse of any civic or communal values… what’s wrong with puttin your hand up and saying whoah, sorry… you barely get SMidsy’s anymore. More and more people pull out, and when you beep or anmything there’s no communication just “Fack off you ****!”… it seriously is the best ever argument for chemical castration of the moron class… that or breeding licences…

Being on the same road as me.

-Nobheads that won their license on ebay or off the back of a cereal box, or paid money to a look-a-like to do the test for them,and have no clue what the Highway Code is
-Nobheads that don’t indicate and know nothing of “mirror signal manoeuvre”
-nobheads that drive with their fog lights on because they think it makes their car look cool
-nobheads that panic and forget everything about the concept of driving as soon as they see a snowflake on their windscreen
-twats on the phone or with ipad laid on the steering wheel more worried about the music they listen to than what’s happening ahead of them
-ignorant cyclists who think the road belongs to them and them only

  • red light jumpers
    -middle lane hoggers
    -dimwits that drive 10mph less than any speed limit and are holding up traffic

-nobs on scooters who constantly pull up in front of every road user at traffic lights
-nobs who offside traffic islands
-women doing their make-up in the rear view mirror

  • black cab drivers that just stop/swerve/u-turn without warning
    -dick’eds with dogs on their laps
  • twonks that don’t even realise their wing mirrors are folded in
    -inconsiderate (smoking, on the phone, etc etc) parents with babies in the car
  • Addison Lee people carriers, Audi and BMW drivers

Cyclist without front lights…

I drive a lot at night and see feck loads of cyclists without a front light… Or a real dim back light stuck to their backpack that is facing the stars… Pratts !!!

Everyone is selfish, impatient and self centred.

What the world need is to go on a mass meditation course - seriously.