What brand....?!

Hi there…was wondering if someone have some ideas on the brand/manufacturer on the below exhaust pipe?! I know there is a nice lil tag saying ‘‘Yoshimura’’ but for me doesn’t look legit, i think was strategically placed to sell a non brand pipe at the Yoshimura’s price tag…maybe?!

On top, I have spent hours on the internet( google searches, Yoshimura official page) and nothing like that or even close… This is just pure curiosity , :slight_smile: no hard feelings.  


Thats like a danmoto exhaust with a £2 yoshi badge off ebay stuck too it

Cheap stainless 316l jap crap…

Unwelcome, needlessly rude: Groovy baby, Steve, grow up and be nicer to people.

Everything I stated is true…even the grade of stainless steel used.

Cheap n nasty stainless Japanese knock off