What Bike???

My last bike was a Yamaha Virago VX250 which I have been riding for a year back in Oz and now I’m looking at hitting up the biking scene here.

I’m looking for a bike that I can use for tours around UK & Europe and to commute around London for work. I fell in love with my cruiser but I’m very open to try different types of bikes, one that has been suggested to me is the Fazer. For engine size I would like something between 500cc and 750cc. Price… not to sure about this yet but anywhere between 500 and 1700pounds, which probably means a second hand bike.

Any advise relating to this would be great, thank you.

BMW super moto. A guy I see every day in traffic has a 1200cc and he does the same commute from the far end of surrey to London and back as me. He gets to the front every time effortlessly fitting through gaps I dont attempt on my Hornet.
Resell value is within your bracket and it’s a comfortable sit up bike and the engine size means even high mileage it will keep going. Only exception is it’s a bigger cc engine than you specified but I don’t see the big deal in that. The only other issue is if you’re a shorty…you need to be fairly long legged unless the linkage can be lowered but I can’t tell you anything about that but I’m sure someone will reply with the answer to that in no time. :slight_smile:


Very limited options for £500 to £1700. You might get something that CAN tour Europe for this money, but it may not be that pleasant.

I would certainly look at very old VFR750s, but yes, the fazer may be a good choice. Whether or not you can get a decent one (poor finish) for £1700 is down to your searching skills.

FOr this sort of money you always stand a chance of ending up with something that might blow up the next week, so be very careful.

If you dont know what you’re doing go to a dealer, but you probably won’t be able to afford anything for this money.