What bike?, What Place?

Hey all,

Looking out of the window, I couldn’t help but start welling up in happiness of seeing the sun!. Seeing this made me think… If you had the opportunity to ride any bike anywhere, what bike would you choose and where would you choose to ride it?

A 1098 round cadwell park!!! HUBA HUBA!!!

My scooter. And I’d ride it home, now, (to get changed out of my work gear, and then I’d probably go to the park and enjoy the sunny afternoon).

GSXR1000 K5 in black and yellow round the 'ring…and a go on a ducati 1098 on the 'ring…ooohhhhh yesh!!!

or a race prepped two stroke!!!

zx12r…in black and gold…riding at 5am so raods are quiet…just keep riding till i fall off the edge of the earth lol

My bike (CBR600F) from London to the Isle of Skye stopping off at all the beautiful places along the way, don’t know why, just something I have always wanted to do.

RC-30 …Nuburgring to myself !

oh yeah:cool: see my first one in the flesh last week at BM, absolutley mint mate…what a bike…still looks 'kin ace:D

Desmosedici anywhere;):smiley:

R1200GS Adventure down the transamerican highway Alaska to Chile.

Well that might be a little big for my experience, so any middleweight trailie will do.

My current bike (CBR600F1) around the Alps…Oh wait…I’ll be doing that in a month!

Sorry - couldnty help myself.

Failing that, a big FAT custom bike with lots of attitude up and down the East coast of Australia

big fat 'wing and do route 66 in septic land :slight_smile:

Randy Mamola’s dual seat Ducati with Rossi on the back pulling a wheelie the whole length of the straight at Mugello waving to the fans.

RD350YPVS - on the back wheel up any high street :slight_smile:

Obviously wearing the obligatory DMs and bomber jacket, and a Simpson Bandit lid - just like the old days…

Desmo at Monza or

Superduke round Cadwell Park or any of the Alpine passes

i did it in a self built camper van a couple of years ago , you wouldn’t regret it …wonderful … from the lakes upwards anyway … skye and beyond

Harley - Sturgis, South Dakota

VFR800 all around Banff in the Canadian Rocky Moubtains… :cool: