what bike to buy?

hi all LB, i wanna buy a 125 manual gear bike. but havent found to enough info on which is more reliable, performance, costs of spare parts etc

im mainly interested in the RS125 new model or MITO 125 2005 or 2007model

but want info on all

RS125, MITO125, SACHS XTC125, GPR125 and NSR125

would be grateful for some good advice.

I dont know much about these bikes, but give Kelvin a ring at MME Motorcycles, 0207 7296 404, see what he has in stock (he specialises in the 2-strokes) and pop along if you can get to brick lane and have a chat with him. Decent bloke and knows his stuff.

if you want a sporty 125 yamaha are bringing out the R6 clone with a 125 engine, i think it looks nicer that those bikes



NSR’s were pretty good bikes, I Think they don’t make them anymore, it’s a shame cause CBR 125 looks worse IMHO

do you def want a 2 stroker? they are mainly more track oriented and for road use it may get annoying due to the repairs they require quite often.

still they’re quick 125’s but i got a cbr125r and tbh it does the job!..best bet is to get a basic 4 stroke 125, get test done asap and then move onto bigger bikes rather than sticking with 2 strokes [my opinion though!]

also how much r u lookign to spend? if ur gonna def get a 2 stroke the new RS125’s look mean i gta say.

nsr is a much stronger bike. can handle alot more then the others!

Had my 57plate FP RS125 afew months now, has been surprisingly reliable given most people’s opinions on the rs.
Plenty fast for what it is but wouldnt recommend it if your new to riding as it isnt very forgiving. (the restricted version might be alot tammer though?)

wouldnt go with a cagiva mito as there’s no real dealer back up and parts are getting rarer.

honda’s cbr125 would be the safe bet, however its a 4-stroke and isnt much bigger than a pushbike :laugh:, makes no power so isnt really classed as a bike :).

as smf said an old nsr would be perfect, 2stroke and has honda’s reliabilty and you can pick them up nice and cheap.

as for yamaha’s new yzr-125, LOL. its just a wannabe rs125 but not as fast, and specs on paper dont keep up either, only advantage would be the 4stroke fuel injection engine, for hassle free miles.


ahhh its not that bad!

and remember 125’s are just stepping stones till you get a license and move onto something bigger :slight_smile:

I would agree with that. I had a Cagiva Supercity, 2T, 125, and 33bhp…went like **** off a shovel! :smiley:

However all the parts had to be brought off eBay, not because I’m a tight b’std, just Cagiva no longer do much trading nowadays.

I would advise a 2T if you are looking for some fun, they are real nippy, and would generally leave any 125 4T standing! But as said, they are also not as reliable as the 4Ts. All really depends what you are looking for fast fun, or a reliable plodder! :smiley:

+1, DHOFTYS Missus has a mito(its 'kin quick!), he always goes to brick lane for parts, reccomended!

hi i got a CG125 and they go on forever . Ive droped it a few times and barely any damages. they are good litle bike if you just starting and they would be perfect to do your test on because you ll be lmited with the steeringon a sport bike when you ll do your test on the Uturn. Once the test is over then you can think of the image thing. Thats what i was adviced when i got my first bike .

on my cbr125 i can spin round on full lock all day long, u-turns are a piece of cake [i did my test on the cibber ] and it still looks the sh** [well to my m8s who know nothing about bikes!]

save your money to get something fast cos any 125cc isnt gona exactly tear up tarmac be it 4 stroke or 2 stroke!

i personally still think the cbr is best balance of reliability, speed and test prep cos you will get bored of 125cc speed sooner or later and will want something faster.

get a mito they are very quick bikes if they are tinker’d with:cool:

i got miss mad-dog a mito & she love its big bike feel but half the weight

i got 95mph out’a it (off road of course;) ) & you can throw them about

they are all just as good as long as u look after them. my 125 strokers are 18 years old and the other is 28! and still going strong

I would recomend a Hyosung GTR125. Quick, big build, sounds good and wil last longer than a 125 2stroke!

completely agree with that… I have a CBR125, my other half has a NSR125.

Both good bikes, given that the NSR125 is old, you need to find one in tip top condition and carry on keeping it in tip top condition!

I really wanted to get a Mito as my first bike, but as i use the bike for my daily work commute (35mile round trip everyday) i decided on the reliable CBR125, costs me 8 quid a week in petrol, and doesn’t look half bad

I have my DAS in August, so hopefully can move onto something that will kick all the 125’s a$$es when i pass!