What bike should I get!

I have a 2005 CG Honda 125 of which I have become bord with now and like to update with a bigger , faster bike. But not sure what I should get also keeping in mind I am only 5ft 3 so I wouldn’t be able to get a big one. I quite like the sports bike style. Not sure what else to say but … yeah let me know what you think!

Honda VFR 400 or RVF 400 are good if you’re on the small side like me. I’ve only tried the former, bars felt quite low compared to modern sports 600s. If you want something new then go to the NEC bike show and try some stuff out.

soprts bikes are much of a muchness, the diferences between models are cancelled out by the differences between riders, so find a bike that you’re comfortable on and that you like and it’ll be a big step towards riding it better.

have a float around the dealers and sit on a couple see what fits you and what you like. most can now be lowered if you want so if you have trouble getting both feet on the floor then don’t worry too much.

Buying a bike is a very personal thing, everybody will say they love their bike otherwise they wouldn’t have bought it. IMO the best advice you can get from others about bike buying, is where to buy not what to by. some dealerships are a lot better than others. I recommend Johns of Romford

That said, I have a Suzuki GSX650F, I love it, it’s quick enough for a first big bike and very comfortable

400cc are great little bikes youll have your knee down on the way home from buying it:D

Martin you showoff :wink:

HiyaI passed my test a year ago and moved up to an old suzuki 250, but now have a kawasaki ER6N (08).

Im only 5" 1" so it has been lowered quite a bit and has a lower seat. Only had it about 5 weeks, but absolutly love riding it, couldnt believe how much better it was than the 125/250. Only thing I find is I have to be careful when trying to manuever it around, or where I park etc when out alone because of the weight, but hopefully I will get used to that with time, (there was a time when I thought my 125 was heavy) Lol

You should go sit on some bikes, see how they feel, thats what I did.

Good luck, Carol (Mrs GSXR)

Some day all bikes will be made this way!:cool:


Try either a Kawasaki ZXR400 (see my profile pic) - it’s abit like the VFR400 only faster :slight_smile: or for something a bit bigger try a CBF600 (the seat is adjustable for those of us with shorter legs!) :wink:

Another vote here for the 400’s - not many great examples about and they do come at a bit of a premium, but great bikes for the vertically challenged…

If you are feeling mechanically brave and can get a good example then a 250 2 stroke would give you lots of smiles…although they can be a bit lairy!!

Best bet would be to come down to a BM/Ace/whereever meet and have an ask around, someone might even let you try their bikes for size :slight_smile:

Whatever you get though, it will be a big step up from yoru current one :slight_smile:

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Ah, more jealousy!:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m 5’3 and I have an ER6F, the faired version of the ER6N. As per the previous post, it’s a good bike for the shorter person, as lowering it is not expensive.

If you think that a 650 is too much, and you are only on the 125, why not have a go at the Ninja 250, even I can put my feet flat on the floor without lowering it!


I’d agree with the ZXR, but I guess it all depends on your budget. We did a ZXR for a shorty a little while back:


:w00t: How much lower can a zxr get???My ZXR400; http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic4893-43-74.aspx

Yeah, the 250 ninja is gorgeous, not too high & really light weight! I was looking at those (but hubby said they were a lot of money for a 250)!!! I would defo go and look at em if I were youCarol (Mrs GSXR)