What Bike is This?

Honda Magna V45

In One…

The 1987 Honda Super Magna, was a 700cc bike.

well done

How about this?

Kawasaki Mach III

Kawasaki KH500… yippee!!

Ok… next… THIS ONE?

That aint a KH500 mate that is a MACH IIIThere was a H1A, H1B, H1C then a KH500 which had a disc front brake and was never available in Blue:PBy the way it’s got the wrong tank;)

Its a Ducati , I’m guessing without checking its probably a 860GTS?

oops… damn you are good

Ducati 1973 750GT…

I give in…

My mistake, the GTS had a half fairing:cool:

Last One… Whats This?

Its a modified Laverda SF3 or is it an SFC?

1972 Laverda SF2

hmm. have to do this again when you are not around… You’re too good.

I like this where I have to take on allcomers as it proves I’m not just a pretty face;):DChunky the Quizmaster:cool:

Ok… last for the night… tee hee ???

Aermachi Harley Davidson… probably a 250?

Once again!!!:crazy: Chunky Hits the nail on the head!!!

Well done mate…

You sounded so confident with that one;):P:cool: