What bike goodies did Santa bring ?!

As above - what did Santa bring you lucky people?!

New HJC RPHA lid.

Santa bought me effall. The husband, on the other hand, has thoroughly excelled himself and has earned about a decade’s worth of brownie points.

Bike related pressies so far are a pair of Gerbing ladies fit heated gloves, a Triumph branded Cold Killer mid layer and a California Superbike School voucher to do my level 2. I’m feeling kinda spoilt :smile:

The best pressie by far though has simply been having the opportunity to spend some time with him.

So go on, watcha get? 

Go karting voucher off my sister

The missus excelled herself though - GoPro black edition - got that early Dec
Matt carbon shark race r pro helmet
Apple pencil

She spoiled and humbled me tbh.

New mirror and guy martin book. The rest were cooking gadgets

Agreement for another race season :slight_smile:

Now to ensure she’s ok with me buying a new race bike!

I got a pair of socks and a book


I got a textile riding jacket, very nice, thank you Mr Mole. :slight_smile:

Underpants, can’t ride without them :grin:

I’ve been known to go commando