what belly pan?

dont really like the orange one… i think it will be too much?

ive already got a grey hugger so would grey look better or black?







Agree the orange is a bit much. It’s a nice one though (and not one I’ve seen in my hunt) - is it an official Honda one or a knock up you’ve done with Photoshop?

I vote black … but spray your hugger and sidepanels to match :slight_smile:

its an ‘oem’ one from david silvers - can send you the link if you want :wink:


seriously?? :ermm: i think its too much

Interesting - I didn’t realise there was an OEM one - suppose its weird that the “official” one has rarity value since everyone else sticks aftermarket tatt on instead.I’d half decided on this one : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DR435-bellypan-belly-pan-HONDA-CB600-CB-CB900-600-900-/310226075102?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item483aea3dde (bonus that it won’t need painting)

Probably best I go pick the bike up before buying any more bits for it :smiley: We’ll see though :wink:

You have an orange bike and you’re worried about ‘too much’?

Either way, black is not worth bothering with, grey is ok…orange is the best :smiley:

Agreed, the orange one gives the bike a more balanced look, although the whole bike looks shight in that colour annway.:smiley:

I’ll admit it is a p*ss poor bit of MS Paint … but black sidepanels/bellypan/hugger is the way to go :slight_smile:

Are u trying to make urs like Anna’s?!?!:wink:

go orange but do the full undertray :slight_smile:

I was gonna say orange but with an orange hugger too.

but yeah, do black and black is the best option out of the ones you want

you cannot get enough orange

Go orange mate… grey just looks weird!

+1 orange + painting side panels.

Oh, and remove the pillion pegs!

no i dont like the full bellypan or the orange hugger

try http://pixlr.com/editor/ really good image editor…

so if i want to paint the side panels and hugger what do i do/use?

sand it, prime it, paint it, clear coat? rattle cans?



yeah sounds about right but wash everything down thoroughly after you do any sanding… If the dust stays there it will spoil the finish!!

I guess shiver will know more than me but what I do is
-rub down with very fine wet and dry paper…
-2 coats of grey primer
-quick scratch and wash
-several coats of colour
-leave for 24 hours then scratch and wash
-2 coats of laquer or more if you want a proper sheen
-admire handywork :smiley:

What he said :)Like this - just ignoring the carbon fibre bit : http://www.hondahornet.org.uk/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=19036

ohh i like

mmm nice… remember it’s easy to get the paint on but you’re not likely to ever get it back to original finish again…