What are they called?

I need to add some “tie-down” points to the back of my new bike, so I can strap stuff down for travel. There are NO good places to snag bungee hooks to. I’m in need to “tie down” points, but if I’m gonna be buying new bits of body work or a tail tidy with the appropriate things on 'em are they called anything particular…“anchors”? “Tie-down hooks” ???

Any ideas…?

I usually call things like that thingamebobs

Nice…is that what you search ebay for…thingamabobs and oojamaflips?

yea! find loads of thingamejigs on ebay, bought loads of worthless oddsnsods

If you take the pillion seat off, you’ll discover that the awfully considerate Mr Kawasaki has already provided you with 4 webbing loops that fold out to do exactly that job.

Pat, my hero!
You and I need to get together over a bacon butty. I’ll buy the butties, you bring along all your 9R expertise, tips and short cuts!
Cheers mate, much obliged

Just so long as it’s with proper brown sauce, not that poncy ketchup stuff.

On nights this week, then off on a mini world tour but we’ll have to get something sorted afterwards.

Sorry, late to thread. They are called Bungee Buddies, and AFAIK are only available in the States. However a chandlers may well have something similar. http://www.cyclegadgets.com/products/product.asp?Item=BBUD

Turns out Mr Kwakker has added some alreayd, I jsut didn’t know where to find em, but those look good too…

How you finding the 9R Toby?

Told you it was a good bike (bar the damn carb freezing).

Did you add any of that petrol additive I was on about at Christmas do or have you not suffered the prob yet?

Interestingly the chap at the showroom told me that by the 2000 E1 (which is what I got) this issue was actually part of the past. Apparently the new bikes have a system of pipes that run the coolant around the carbs, after the cooant has left the engine (meaning its warm)…this warms the carbs so icing doesn’t occur…

Now admittedly I haven’t taken one of these puppies apart to verify if that’s the case or not, and it hasn’t been so cold as to risk “icing”…but can anyone on here with a knowledge of the 9R or modern engines that still run with carbs debunk or confirm this story?