what are frame inserts?

hey, call me thick but what are frame inserts and where do they go? ive been looking at a set for fazer but i dont know what they do or where i would put them. do most people get them or is it a waste of money?

How come you are looking for them without know what they are? Don’t ask me, I haven’t got a minor clue, lol

thats why im asking!! i like nice neat touches for my bike without going OTT. lol

fantastic question westfazer!

“I want some…don’t know what they are, but I’ve just gotta have 'em”

Sorry, couldn’t help it

The only place I can find them mentioned is a shop on eBay (might be where you’ve seen them too?), and looking at the pictures maybe they go into the swing arm pivot hole?

ha, i know pretty sad eh? its quite nice to add a few nice touches.

Theyre things you insert in the frame 1

Bits of material, usually plastic or maybe ally or stainless that fill gaps, on the early fazer they’re probably either prettier replacements for the plain plastic bits just under the rider’s seat, or round ones that’ll fit like caps over the holes that the swinging arm bolt goes through.

thanks pat! im gonna find out about ordering me a set of fazer stainless steel ones. bling bling