What annoys you on your daily ride/commute?

Some people are more sensitive, some less so but we all have things that annoy us in one way or another while riding.

I’m curious what are they in your case.

Here’s my list to start out:

Scooters overtaking you and stopping in front of you at the red lights (usually in the ASL)Cyclists riding in the middle of the bus lane and not letting you pass(Addison Lee) taxis suddenly pulling aside without indicatingVans driving over the while line with two wheels in your laneCyclists stopping in ASL right ahead of you when there’s space to their leftDrivers closing the filtering gap in traffic jams when there’s plenty of space on their other sideCars overtaking you after you’ve stopped/slowed down to let emergency services pass
There are lots more but these are some of the “big” ones that I can think of at the moment.

Fire away! :slight_smile:

People doing 65mph in the outside lane when the inside one is free…

That’s about it, my commute is pain free since I moved out of London… :smiley:

Not to rub the point in but my commute got longer by 4 miles and reduced by half in terms of time…

none of the above really, cept perhaps the scooters.

fuckwits and dawdlers, otherwise known as the ignorant and the indecisive, they annoy me greatly, whether on the bike or not really.

the boring stretch of the M11 between bishops stortford and Harlow.

it feels like days!!!

Failure to indicate, or indicating 0.000000025 seconds before changing lane.
Motorcyclists undertaking me on the left when I leave plenty of room on the right.

Er… Ice.

Motorcyclers , especially ones with the inability to get past without hitting my mirrors , Iam sure thats why one of my heated mirrors does not work now .

Bikers who can’t accept that the scooter they can’t shake off whilst filtering is a biker in disguise :grinning::slight_smile:

Lane changes without indicating and Addy Lee drivers in general (although one did move over for me the other day, I almost fell off in amazement

Cyclists never used to bother me at all, but it seems since the demonstrations and mass ride-outs a few weeks ago (after the numerous cyclist deaths), that they’ve suddenly become more militant and arsey than before - like they have some divine right to priority on the roads because they’re ‘vunerable’. Now I’m finding them a pain. Clearly others are as well going by that ‘What Would You Do’ video posted yesterday :smiley:

Drivers that insist on riding your back wheel.
women who feel the need to apply makeup whilst driving.
hoodie drivers who have no peripheral view.

Haha yes… There’s a bloke on my commute on a ZX10 that has had to move over a few times, not sure he knows it’s also me on the R1! Lol

If your in the outside lane then you should be moving to the right to let them undertake or move into the left lane - FYI

My worst when on the bike… Other bikers that have seen you in their mirror whilst filtering but still don’t move over when there has been opportunity to do so - the amount of times I’ve had to go into the next lane filtering space to undertake is ridiculous… If I’m feeling mischievous I often go back in front of them and slow right down just to **** them off like they have done to me!! Lol

I’m describing situations where I am in the left lane. :wink:
People still run up the inside lane, especially when the outside lane is busy- I see people on bikes running up the cycle lanes quite fast all the time, especially around Old St.

What happened today is I was in the middle lane as the left lane was left turn only and I was going straight ahead.
A bloke on a scooter joined the road and then swept up the inside lane (left turn only) and cut in front of me before moving over to the right hand lane- he undertook a motorcyclist (me) and then veered off to the right lane.

I know why he did it- there was more traffic in the right hand lane, as there often is- and he wouldn’t have been able to get as far ahead as he did but undertaking me, but it is still a bit of a dick move.

Yeah that’s a bad move… You shouldn’t have let a scoota do you!! PMSL :smiley:

Bloody red light jumpers! The number of people who completely take the piss these days is mental.
Earlier this week I had an articulated lorry coming through a red light a good 5 secs after my light had gone green. Thankfully I was gone and far enough ahead, but the cars behind me would have been taken out…

Got the idiot is on camera, but footage is a bit naff due to rain and water on lens. :frowning:

Cyclists that ride in the middle ofthe road when they have room on the left.

Cyclists that jump red lights (in fact red light jumpers in general)

Cyclists that stop in the box anddirectly in front of me although they have space on the left.

Private hire taxi’s (can’t use theremirrors!)

Scooters riding up your ass

Cars sitting right up my ass

Scooter riders who think you want torace constantly.

Cars drivers who don’t indicate or ifthey do they already started turning half way before turning it on!

Cars that see you travelling butstill creep out of a junction!

alot more to add!!!

There are idiots using all forms of transportation around London, you can throw pedestrians into the mix as well.

When commuting by bike I found I’d get drawn into the mentality of using the bike to get to work as fast as possible, rather than a faster/nicer alternative to the car/train, these things then start to boil your blood a bit more when your rushing.

I rarely use the bike for commuting now and when I do I’m luck that its normally during the working day, to my own schedule so its ‘work time’ rather ‘home time’ which removes alot of the rush :slight_smile:

For those complaining about cyclists not being close to the curb, I take it you’ve never ridden a road bike with 23mm tyres? :smiley: Theres no chance on most London streets with all the road rubbish, drains and the poor surface that’s usually found there :angry:

Scooter Riders who have never picked up the highway code!

Had to clip a rider round the back of his helmet this morning after overtaking on a very slight bend at speed on Zigzags just ahead of a crossing and almost took out a lady and her 2 young children!

When I had a word with him he did not even know what the lines on the floor meant!

am I the only one that thinks a little more than just a CBT should be needed to get on the road these days!?

Definitely agree.

after doing my CBT there was plenty I still didn’t know, heck even after doing my full bike license I still couldn’t tell you the difference between pelican, puffin, Pegasus, penguin, Pikachu and any other animal that begins with P crossings! :slight_smile:

They named them after how they function, mostly.

Pelican: from (Pedestrian Light Controlled)- basically a set of poles with standard set of traffic lights
Puffin: replacing most of the pelican crossings. (pedestrian user-friendly intelligent crossing)- has sensors detecting when pedestrians are waiting to cross.
Toucan: Cycles and pedestrians (Two Can cross)