what an absolutely beautiful day

woke up this morning and what a gorgeous morning it is… stunning… is summer here at last…

walked into work and all the birds were out on the canal… beautiful

sorry guys am feeling so chipper right now…

Slow down luv…we’re just about into spring and you’re already talking about summer arriving…

Was lovely if a little chilly on the way in this morning…had a nice race with a Beemer on the way in.

Shame I’m stuck in the office the rest of today…maybe I’ll have to come down with some kind of sickness

You are right fantastic day, my washing was on the line by 7am this morning. Its such a pleasure to wake up and it be a nice day…

It is a lovely day! Walked to work in just a shirt this morning and wasnt cold been a while since I have done that! Shame about having to be at work all day though!

It’s still a bit cold at 120+

Aaaah, what a pleasure. I even thought about riding with my shades on!

ive got no work to do! the suns out and i’m only 5 mins away from the
baldock–buntingford run (apparantly it was in MCN as one of the best roads in U.K) only problem is if i go for a play now i’ll have no fuel to get down to cubana tonight and with only a few pennies in the pot i cant afford any!! has anyone got a length of hose and a balaclava!

Today is a good day to ride, nearly very klingon of me. I loved the ride in several cars who didn’t let me filter won’t have loved my ride in, but its thier fault.

would love to have day off but the office pain is away so I am all happy.

Well, I got myself a new job yesterday, Arsenal won, and it’s a bright sunny day, so I’m going to be making my way up to Fox’s Diner later today. Shame you’re all working

A wonderful day it is … the Sun is shining and I’ve just scored me a used Yoshi Tri-Oval system for my 12R for … wait for it … £200 … reeesult!!

sunday sounds good for the A507, tried it for the first time the other night. WHAT A ROAD fooking excellent