what alarm ?

i am looking out to buy a new alarm system for my GS500F.

i am looking at the datatool system 3 or meta 357.

i have also been put-off by being told that ‘not to bother with a bike alarm these days’.

what do you reckon?.

thank you.

Two things:

Insurance will be cheaper with good alarm

If the bike is in ear shot, it tells YOU it’s being nicked. Mine is chained outside the bedroom window and I’ll hear mine, no worries. But get a more powerful alarm horn thing. Mine’s much louder than std. True the public and thieves are likely to ignore it, but one thing is for certain - without an alarm there’s ever less chance of anybody noticing!

The flashing red light might deter the opportunist.

(ok three things)

Do it man. Last thing you want to say to the insurance co when it’s gone is “it didn’t have an alarm”. You’ll always wonder if it would’ve made a difference.

Alarms are next to useless, in my opinion. As Andrew points out, the only value they have is that you might hear it go off, but the chances are, you won’t hear it go off, and the public sure as hell won’t bat an eye-lid if it does. They only serve to annoy you at the most inoppportune moments, cause electrical problems (even in this day) and leave your pocket lighter of money. The insurance discount isn’t more than the cost of them, so they’re not economical either.

But it’s your decision, I don’t have one in my commuter, as the value of the bike just doesn’t warrant it, certainly not when I think about the annoyance I have from the alarm in the gixxer.


Do NOT get the Meta. I have one fitted on my R1 and it’s causing me no end of trouble. It had to be replaced because it was faulty when I picked the bike up from the showroom, and now I have to take it back again for replacement because of the same problem. The fob/transmitters are underpower compared to the Datatool and the Meta does not auto-arm like the Datatool either. I’ve had three Datatool alarms previously and never had a problem. I would wholeheartedly recommend Datatool over Meta every time.


Meta do suck the donkeys bits. But then Datatool is sooooooooo annoying “BEEP BEEP BEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP” all the frigging time, it DRIVES me MAD!!!

I think Darryl needs an alarm as the area he lives in people are very vigilant (curtains up) and would help deter any would-be theif and as he’s quite cheeky as he never covers his bike (dont know if you do now Darryl but not covering your old gixxer 6 was a sin!).

i guess it will be datatool then. thank’s lots david. hey snap,…you you were right, i admit, it was a sin (not being covered mostly on the the summer night’s), and a very good anti-theft measure i never really took seriously on board back then.


I had a Datatool on the B2, it was fine. Insurance specified that I had to have it, so as annoying as an alarm is, it was fitted. Didn’t stop me using obligatory chains and disk locks when left in the open though.

Mine have always been datatools, and I’ve never had any typical alarm probs, so they’d get my vote. Always always use a lock tho…

Yes they are a pain, and will not deter most thiefs. But if they deter one, then job done. And you’ll never know - they won’t leave a message.

I didn’t have one on my previous bike, a BM 1100s as who’d want to nick one of those monstrosities, but am glad I’ve got one now.

Each to their own I guess.

thank’s andrew,

i’ve had both meta and datatool in the past already fitted to bike’s i’ve bought, and i guess it will be datatool again. i have spoken to owner pete webb at sid moram’s honda, slough, and he says they will fit any one of those two at a cost of £200 all in.

my bike is worth around £2,000 so would you?, considering all this?.

It is your decision Darryl, you’ll have to be the one to sleep at night and either be comforted, or concerned about the security of your bike. We have different opinions on it, but one rule is true, none of us want to see anyone but you touch your bike! Out of the two, I would choose Datatool without a shadow of a doubt though.

I’m am currently looking in to a tracker system for bikes the ones that are around at the mo are mainly for cars e.g. the box of tricks is big and not very easy to hide on a bike. The system I am looking at has a credit card size ID card that has to be with in a set range of the bike or the tracker will trigger and the bike will not start. The company will phone you and alert the police of the theft and give them a blow for blow account of the bikes movement on a real time road map against the current crop which use direction finders e.g. arrow on a clock type face and a increasing beep will post the first day available have been told first week in October. But dont hold ya breath as this is the second date.

Gixxer - Jay’s spot on. The monetary value is important in regards to what money you have. To some 2K would be a month’s savin for a set of Marchi wheels. To others a year’s savin. Which end of the spectrum are you nearer?

Think hard. Get a datatool. Put up with setting it off in Petrol Stations. LOL

Sleep easy.

Mike - think that new gadget card thingym’bob would fit on a new Trumpet 675? I might be asking in the Spring.

I’d recommend the Acumen CAT 1, it was designed by the guy that designed the datatool and is louder, works better with a pager than the datatool and has an indicator warning option. It’s dosen’t fully arm automatically so is easier to live with at petrol stations. The alarm fob is attached to the key so you don’t have to have it around your neck or in a pocket.

The pre-alarm beeps can be turned off/on, so if it’s a windy night you can shut it up or leaving it in town you know it will warn people if it nudged.

I do think there are some valid points about them being ignored but that’s the world we live in. I do think that if you don’t have an alarm the risk of the bike being nicked is higher, but that’s my option. There are other options you can consider, disk locks, etc, when not parked at home. I think an alarm should be part of your bike security, not the only security.

The cost thing is a funny one. The bike might not be worth a great deal (I’m not saying it’s cheap) but consider it not being where you left it and the hassle you’ll have getting home, the journey to work, the weekend trip. I had my first bike nicked, I got it back four days later, and it was back on the road a week after that. The 2 weeks I was with out it cost me fortune and I was really pissed off that it had been knicked, and missed it. I’ve had Acumen CAT1’s fitted to every bike since.

My girlfriend has a datatool which seems ok, but she has a lot of trouble around crystal palace with the arial masts, I don’t seem to suffer as much.

I have a Meta 357 and an Acumen pager connected to it which is pretty good even if I cant hear the alarm the pager is activated by the alarm which is supposed to work up to a distance of 1K

I could do with a pager addon for my DataTool. I think DataTool make one, will investigate…

Jay take a look at this

daryl take a look at this

Ah, thanks fella. I’ll ohh and ahh over it for a short while

I’ll deffo be fitting one of those pagers as soon as my bike has been fixed (some biatch knocked me of a couple of days ago ) it’s just peace of mind. and it’s not a lot of money for some etra peace of mind.

Laserlines are ok. I have had three of em and they have all been reliable. They don’t beep beeeeeep beeeep when you get near the bike and they are loud when they go off.