What aftermarket parts should I get?

I have the Bandit GSF650 SA

I have ordered a stubby exhaust already but thinking what else needs doing…

I am thinking some renthal bars… but don’t know what works best? low/medium/high? etc
Also, where is the best place to get them?

Do braided hoses make much difference on a 650 bandit? Whats the best make? Where to get them?

What else should I be spending my money on??!?

A GSXR600?:wink:

you know… I saw that coming from the second I hit ‘post’

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Just steer away from coloured alloy bolts and bits unless you want a tarts handbag on wheels;)

I’ve got the ultra-lows on my '96 1200, (sounds like a pack of Silk Cut !) they suit me - moves weight over the front & fairly narrow, so good for filtering - way better than the ‘std’ moto-X type renthals, esp if you’re also doing much high speed distance work as those ones really do mean you act like a sail/airbrake !

Dunno about your model, but I’d probably be looking at braided lines & maybe stiffer fork springs if it’s anything like the older models, really all comes down to what you want to use it for.

For other ideas, see :



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Would a tail tidy, small plate and LED indicators look OK on it ? Had to do that to mine, looked like the back end of a bus as standard.

Might be worth riding it for a few weeks to get to know it before you do anything expensive ?

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The only time you will catch me on a Bandit would be with Mole on the front:P

sounds cool!

Remember I am stepping down ‘temporarily’ from a Z1000 so less on the grief until my next bike is sorted!

Which flavour /era z1000 are we talking about? There’s been a few:)

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