What a plonker!

Having finished rebuilding the top end of my Firestorm’s engine, today was the day I was going to breath life into her for the first time:)All bar one engine covers carefully replaced, chain and sprockets, a frenzy of activity:w00t:

The last job was to put on the clutch cover which I have just bonded a carbon fibre cover to(well sexy)

Hang on… just as i was about to replace the cover(old one was crash damaged) when i notice a gear wheel on the primary drive has a big chunk taken out of it!:crazy:

OH BORROX! I cried.

Work stops, i resign myself to putting my tools and bike away and calling it a day until I can order said part.

Now I’m indoors watching the rugby I thought I’d look on the Firestorm microfiche and low and behold… Its meant to have a lump missing:w00t:

It’s a bit called an “Ignition pulse generator rotor”:w00t:

I feel such a tw@t cos I could have had her running this afternoon:D

I will get cracking again tomorrow GP permitting;):smiley:

The moral is… study the manual before you do the job, not after…lol:w00t::cool:

Don`t worry these things happen all the time.

Take your time and relax. You won’t do it again, when bike will be on working order you will forget about it.

Are you going to sell this bike once it’s working ? :wink:

I’d have given it away this afternoon…lol

Seriously…no. I started off with the intention of streetfightering it so I had something half sensible to get to Borough on but now i fancy making it a trackday monster.

Oh I dunno… I used to be indecisive but now I’m … yadda yadda yadda;):stuck_out_tongue: