What a naughty boy!

This morning I’m sitting in gridlocked traffic at the start of laceName>BlackfriarslaceName> laceType>BridgelaceType>. I am sitting between a taxi and a small astra van.

In front of me is a bus on the left and on the right a people carrier but dead in the middle is a guy on a Vespa and a dude on Aprillia (in chino’s and brogues might I add!!).

The dude on the Aprillia was trying to fight for supremacy for the space in between the bus and the people carrier and in the process of being all bike and no c ock he forcefully pushed past the guy on the Vespa to get in the weenie space and burnt this Vespa guys leg. The Vespa guy screamed and I can still hear him. That sound made me feel sick.

With that the Vespa man went up onto the pavement to hunt down Aprillia dude . I should imagine that the Aprillia dude was no where to be seen (what a nobber!!)


God that’s awful!

What a [email protected]!!

The bloke on the vespa had his feet down at the traffic was gridlocked. The Aprillia Dude had twin exhaust and as he leaned the bike over to the left a smidgin to get through in between the bus and the people carrier and in between nudging little vespa guy out the way he leaned over too far and scalded this guys leg. Not sure what model Aprillia.

1 the bloke on the vespa aint a bloke cos he’s on a vespa and should have ben wearing the correct attire thus not burning his leg.

  1. wots wrong with chin’os and brogues? i think they look dashing and suit me a treat.