What a fcuking weather today

Shit. Its raining again. So nice yesterday but today its shite.

What do you expect…the useless crap shit poxy BBC said it would be dry…so obviously its gonna rain…tossers…what a waste of 2million quid on a crap weather system that has NEVER been correct!

Michael Fish, 1987. Say no more

Weather reports?? I HATE these twats that predict the weather! Why the f**k do they keep getting it SO wrong?? Not a little bit wrong but very wrong very often!

Best way, stick yer head out the window, look up and take a wild guess… cos I’m sure thats all those morons must do.

HOWEVER…must admit that I do enjoy when I’m out driving in the cage and they’ve predicted it will be ‘fine n dry’ all day, all the women dress accordingly, then it pisses down!..Cant beat the impromptu wet t-shirt comp!

been dry all day north of london…

I suggest we give this global warming a bit of a helping hand ! turn your lights on get a gas guzzler and get the bonfires going.

and it was too in east london until me and the Mrs went out on the bike to go to HK at Gants Hill. As soon a we arrived it pissed down… Oh the joys of biking !

I haven’t been able to prove this, but I have the suspision that the probability of rain is proportional to the reciprocal of the distance between my butt and my bike’s seat.

P® = 1/(sqrt(sum(butt-seat)^2))

so in other words as soon as I get on the bike it starts to rain. It may work with other combinations of butts/seats which might explain why when you people get on yer bikes it starts to pour.

I think I am close to a breakthrough discovery in physics.

I had a lovley day on the bike. Took in the ace cafe for lunch and a nice run home put the vfr away got in and it started raining perfect timing HAHA

Hmmm…obviously your butt doesnt work very well with my equation.

Maybe we need to reformulate our problem. Let me think. Ok the probability of rain is proportional to inverse square of time (in days) since you last washed your bike

P® = 1/t^2 + c

the constant c is for people who polished their bikes. The more polish the heavier the rain. Lets see if that works any better

Anyone remember summer 2001?

Weather was mostly fine all week, soon as I put key in on a friday night it effin started peein down. Went on like this for five weeks in a row all thru september.

I hate that year with a passion that will never be surpassed. I hate this poxy cuntry.

wont last…got wet yesterday so spent the rest of the afternoon in the garage cleanin an polishin an relubin …therefore havin added the square root of (Li) into the equation (Li =lubrication) i now predict that itll piss down causing the thames to rise an break its banks.

had a glorious ride myself out for 8.30 met the boys up ashford an went through tenterden onto rye about four or five sweeps of canal rd then various other twisties i have no idea what the route was as im not from them parts but was four hours of pure bliss followed by a serious 50 mile munching ride back to petts wood down the m20 got home put the bike in the garage an it started to rain i thought to myself thats what i call a perfect ride then i realised i lost a bar end but hey i would lose one every ride if they we’re all like that

careful babyj, one of your lovely customers works for the beeb, (not for the weather dept though)

make that two customers…

Nice and sunny here today! :smiley: :Whistling:

Another resurrection :smiley:

Obviously a seven year itch that needed scratching! :slight_smile:

Was a “pretty good” day on the SE London/NW Kent borders. Perhaps me not getting on the bike today …

(“Pretty good” is qualified as I spent a lot of the day doing paint samples for Mrs. O. on the new designer trellis I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday building. Seven different colours so far and she’s still not decided!)

Well it seems to be the in thing so I thought I resurrect a pointless post from back at the start of the general section hehe