What a faff!

Ok, so my driving licence is due to expire in a couple of months, so I need to renew it.

And as chance would have it, the passport runs out in the summer too!

Just had a look into getting them both renewed and it’s a total ball ache, along with the horror stories of people losing entitlements when having them changed!

Might be worth checking your photocard licence to be sure yours isn’t about to expire (section 4b)

OMG - just checked my 4b says 10-12-12. Oops.

ha ha, need to get that sorted then.

Should be easy for you as you can just go to the post office and get it done there, I need to do a change of address at the same time, so extra hoops to jump through.

In saying that, the DVLA do say that they write to you 2 months before it’s due to expire to remind you, so it’s strange that you didn’t get a letter!

Yes I vaguely remember getting a letter Rich, but had a lot going on…

Anyway just renewed online - They will use my passport photo - so that made it very easy. £20 - better than a fine for an expired license.

Thanks for posting Rich!

Good work, glad you got it sorted.

I can’t do the online renewal as my passport is more than 5 years old, so everything needs to go off to be sorted!

Can’t you get a new passport then do licence online? Or will you run out of time.

I’ll never send the DVLA my licence again due to them losing entitlements, me complaining and them reinstating those entitlements but losing even more, then finally and after a number of interventions of my local MP did they get it right.

In their reply to my MP, the DVLA admitted a ‘small number of people’ were affected. My question is, how many of those people know the categories inside out and can easily identify when mistakes have been made, and how many people are like I used to be and just accept that the DVLA know what they are doing?

Next time it’ll be “lost my old licence so what’s the replacement fee?” :angry:

Always take a copy of all parts and sides of your licence before any changes - easy!

renew passport first - express if your licence runs out soon and do it online (if you have time do the change of address first)

Early happy 70th Birthday Rich! :smiley:

No but seriously, why is your licence running out? Mine run to 2042. Even though my pass dates are years apart.

Surely a photo ID can’t last that long?

I think the paper part says until your 70, but you need to update your photo ID every 10 years, no?

No you are right, my 4b is 3 years away now.

I think I was just desperate to imply that Rich was 70 :smiley:

NEVER NEVER NEVER send your licence to DVLA. as mentioned above entitlements get left off then the hassle begins. there was an article in MCN ages back about this. their advice was always renew your licence on line, that way you get to keep your licence until your new one arrives, and if its all correct, you then send your old licence back to them.

Naughty naughty Kaos!

Yep photocard driving licenses expire after 10 years. I renewed mine three years ago.

The renewal is just for the photo right… So if i consider “recent” to be within the last 30-50 years, whereas over 50 years is all history does that mean i can send the same photo for every 10year renewal for 40 years???:Whistling::ermm::smiley:

So those of us with the bit of green & white paper (no photo) are ok for a few years then:)

Is that paper or papyrus? :smiley:

Correct they want an up to date photo. Has similar but not the same requirements as the passport photo.

My original pic will have lasted 14 yrs by the time mine is due for renewal as they just reused the old one when I got my HGV entitlement at 21

@ Kaos,

Thanks buddy! My paper round wasn’t that big!!

Hope you’re both keeping well? You guys up for another suspension BBQ this year?

Yeah definitely matey :smiley:

GSXR has been sat in the garage with a flat battery for the past 4 months or so :frowning: Really looked forward to the weather changing so I can get out on the bike.

Also sorted out my garage, by getting another garage to store the bikes in, so that I can tinker a little in there, just a bit cold to be sitting in the garage for hours at the moment.