What a dumb driver

On my way into work this morning I noticed a car with the indicator on up ahead, it was obvious that it had been left on by accident after the previous turn ages earlier, so i pulled up alongside and could hear the loud music so i thought the music was drowning the clicking sound the indicator usually makes, anyway i made her aware and her response was…

nothing!, she looked at me like so what! its my car i can do whatever i want!

wtf?! i was trying to be helpful and the countless times i’ve told other people they’ve been thankful, apologetic or both!

what a b*&£@!

which is why I don’t bother notifying people about their indicators.
Just need to keep your heads up, they might just suddenly turn after all…

dont get me started, what about the dickheads who drive with rear fog lights on, when its not foggy

and then don’t bother to switch them on when it is foggy… :cool:

Tap gently on their window, let them wind it down and explain why you are wishing to point something out. Let them get verbal and…

…good punch to the chin and ride away kackling to yourself:D

Whats all this peace and love shit to car drivers?

We’ll let this one go, but please stick to beeping your horn and rude gestures in the future.

Oh there’s plenty of those dumb ones on the roads, countless times I tried to let them know they’ve left their indicators on by signalling them with my hand, then switching my own indicator on and off while pointing at it but nothing helped. I thought that part of the car driving test was to know the hand signals as well wasn’t it?
and of course I love those with their fog lights on or even high beams in broad daylight :w00t:

:wink: amen

Yes, but acknowledging you would have been tantamount to admitting they made a mistake. You don’t do that in modern Britain. Surprised she never told you to ferk off.

I used to do that - along with pointing out brake lights that weren’t working if | had a chance to. Whilst some were appreciative, I got the same reaction from others as you. Not sure if it’s a case of arrogance, lacking communication skills, or just being plain thick. Don’t bother anymore-with the exception of fellow bikers.

pull up to em and bash the window in, rip em out the car and then bash the living shait outta them for good measure… or not :smiley: