What a doofus !!!!

Well it appears that the SV doesn’t have a bottomless fuel tank !

For the first time ever I ran out of petrol last night and I swear the light wasn’t on for that long… Lucky I was about 1/4 mile from home, that said pushing the thing isn’t fun.

How much of a c0ck did I feel, and of course only myself to be angry with…

Good work! I managed to run out in my garage the other day. Had been up in islington and rode back west thinking how i needed fuel but there was a big queue so i left it. Started the bike later and it stalled after 20secs, looked down and reslised on fuel tap was OFF so turned it to ON and tried to start. Almost tried but just wouldnt start. Couldnt believe it was fuel as i had ridden home. As my bike has no fuel guage and a black tank it is impossible to see how much fuel is in it. Well the answer ws none. Amazed it hadnt spluttered or something before!? Basically though if i had taken on street longer or been held at one more light i wouldnt have made it home. Weird and i’m sure almost impossible!!

Did you not happen to see the little blinky thingi???
Its happened to me as well once. I just keept on saying i will do it later, then poof no more petrol… Duh.

AAAAh, reminds me of the good old days of petrol taps when I was despatching, oh the fun to be had switching mates taps to reserve and listening to the abuse that was to surely follow over the radio . . . . . strangely enough it never seemed quite as funny when the b****** got me back

Have you got a new SV as the old style one blinks at you from about 3 litres left. then come on solid if your down to a litre and a half. always try to fill up before the light stays on.


Doh! Foxy can tell you a funny tale about running out of fuel on my DRZ 400

And again I beat you all…

I had a ZZR 600 before my ZX6R and it was my second bike so not much knowledge and experience. There was a reserve light on ZZR. I bought my ZX6R in Dorset, on the way back with my exgirlfriend bike suddenly stopped. I didn’t fill up the petrol coz was waiting for a reserve light. And I had to push that bloody thing five miles on M4 to the nearest petrol station with my ex walking next to me!!

Few days later I found out the reserve switch…

reserve switch - lol

fingers x’d, touch wood, i haven’t run it dry yet…

I ran out of petrol on the A40 fly-over section once but luckily came to a halt just ahead of an unmarked police car that had pulled a bloke with a matress on his roof. When they finished with him they gave me a lift to the petrol station in Shepherd’s Bush where I bought a jerry can and filled up. They then drove me all the way back to Paddington in order to rejoin the A40 and take me back to my bike whilst we listened to their colleagues chasing a biker up the Edgware road on the police radio. I sat with them in the car for 2 or 3 minutes until the chase was abandoned.

I had no means of taking the jerry can home so the lads offered to follow me to Ealing and deliver it! I let them keep it - least I could do. What a couple of great lads (one was a biker), so if they’re reading this - thanks a million. I really appreciated it at the time and still do!

Blimey David, that’s a nice story! I thought officers weren’t allowed to accept gifts though?

yeah the light was on, but it didnt go solid, thats what threw me… just blinking it’s normal rate then ka-put !!

Filled it up this morning and treated her to a petrol treatment , then down the a13 at a rate of knots to clear out the crap

Happened to me on Embankment last week. Light had been on for days but couldn’t be arsed. Oops! Lucky only 100 yard push back to the petrol station I’d just passed.

But felt really stupid turning up late to a meeting and explaining why

i ran out of petrol the first time i rode my bike unattended by instructors (i’d just passed that morning and was riding the bike home) on the M25 in the outside lane knew nothing of this thing called a reserve switch. soon learnt when i phoned my big bro to tell him and thro his hysterical laughter he managed to talk me round the bike enough to find it also discovered how far u can go on your reserve tank on a CCM that day too

Quote Pixie:
…also discovered how far u can go on your reserve tank on a CCM that day too.

Which can’t be far as they don’t have a great range on the main tank !

I had a similar experience on my old SV. Just after I left home (just off J4 of M4) the light started to flash, so I knew I had time to get to the petrol station just past Hogarth on the A4. It ran out before the elevated section of the M4 !! It didn’t even go to stage II, it just went in about 2 miles…

I now always fill up when I get past 110 miles on the trip now. I’ve done well over 130 miles on a tank with the 'Blade, but I just don’t trust fuel lights any more.