What a day

I was up at 4 this morning and left home at 5 as I had to be in Devon for 8am to meet colleagues. Journey down the M4/M5 was fine, went and saw the client, went to the scene of the crash and did the accident investigation bits (Rider should be dead but has made a remarkable recovery despite some horrendous injuries), proved that the defendants allegations were not only wishful thinking but were from a different planet.

Anyway, by 4.15 I had done everything I needed to do, set of for home and got caught in the closure of the M5 at junction 30.

So, 2 hours of sitting in stationary traffic, managed to work my way slowly over to the A30 and then the A303 and then got caught in traffic again so eventually managed to cut across country to Bath and re-join the M4.

Got home at 10.00pm. Can’t remember the last time I felt so knackered :blush:

I am just finishing a lovely cup of tea and then off to my pit. I don’t think I will need much encouragement to fall asleep tonight

off that sounds rough!

I love the science behind crash investigation. brilliant