What a day out there, eh?

And a heat wave predicted for the weekend.

has the summer arrived?

And I’m sat at home awaiting the Gas man to service the boiler :angry: He’s only 10 months late for the August appointment.

Heat wave and I’v got no bike :frowning:

Whats wrong with the b-king? :smiley:

I am just about to pop out to enjoy this lovely weather, shame to have to come back to work after lunch really, maybe I’ll just not come back and say I was abducted by aliens or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m loving this weather off back out on the pushbike in a bit sod work it can wait:P sooooo nice out there would’nt want to be in leathers today…:smiley:

Have any of your bosses met Curtis?:hehe::hehe:


Hahah oh yes my new bike… Not the same having to employ a pilot though is it :stuck_out_tongue:

True :slight_smile:

I agree that to be out on your bike would be the best way to enjoy today…but no reason to be depressed if you can’t…(I’m stuck in my office and not even near a window. I’ll be brave…)