what a crock of s**t


i can’t belive this , the pigs make me sick …they havn’t got a brain between them .

not only do they get this kid to strip in front of them then they take his father away too

no motorists to nick so nothing better to do …

no wonder this country is in the state it’s in

The reaction is the publics fault. Why report something like this? The police probably had to have numbers for witnesses so they are not reported for sexual assault/paedo behaviour etc… But yes, totally messed up. Total over reaction - he must have been speeding…:wink:

The witnesses first account was the kid was kicked to the ground so in the kids interest it looks like the Police done their job. Think of them children that were on the news last week that died from this kind of treatment.

Oh dear, this certainly doesn’t read well and without really know the full facts (a newspaper article is really fact), I think it would be fair to say that the officers potentially overacted.

That said they do have a duty of care… and if the article was saying the Police were called and did nothing yet the X happened to the child then we’d be slagging them off for not acting.

However, I can’t really see the necessity for an arrest here… especially if the witness was ‘drunk’ as the article seems to suggest. It would be entirely appropriate to check on the child’s welfare and ensure that the matter is recorded and a social intervention considered.

Incidentally if the Police thought the child was at risk of harm they have the power to remove the child there and then.

It is a unfortunate fact that we have a whole generation of police officers that have been taught to arrest first and think second, but you have the Labour Governments ‘Target’ culture to thank for that. There was a time when common sense and discretion were more important…

The problem with all these things especially the tabloids is the only report what will sell papers. They will deliberately drop information and facts to suit their angle on the item.

For all we know there could have been 30 complaints from members of the public reporting anything from a slap to a “beaten within an inch of his life”.

The police are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I have been guilty of it before and will again as nobody is perfect.

I am amazed!!

They found 4 police officers???

Putting aside the comparisons with another child abuse incident, which are pretty odious, my first thought is “all this from one of the least efficient forces in the country”.

Have they ratchetted up a notch or was it one case they could, at last, “manage”?