what a coincidence!

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both born on 12 Feb. 1809

after some googling, i found out it was not my discovery:D


I just tapped the date into wikipedia to see if there was anyone else of interest … seems to be a popular day for pornstars :smiley: Silvia Saint and Lolly Badcock born '76 and '84 … few other familiar names but nobody worth noting …However …

Charlie Schulz died this day in 2000 … And you’d have to think that the two ladies above have seen their share of (pea)nuts

I’ll get my coat :PBum bum(oooh and again :w00t: )

!2th Feb 2009, first ride in the snow for over a week.:stuck_out_tongue:

some googling






Are we supposed to guess which is which?

Number 1 is Badcock for my money :stuck_out_tongue: