What a bunch of F****ers!

I thought this was the blue and white stickers on the back of “minicabs”:slight_smile:

no need, they usually have one of those blue PCO stickers to give you a warning

Sounds like a normal day… and it’s getting worse… You can get a ticket for the most minor offenses but stand little change of getting done for dangerous driving, so no one cares, they just do what they want.

London is full of drivers with have no license, no insurance, no registration, no clue…

A colleague of mine t-boned a car that skipped a red, The Met lost the collision report… and refused to take any action. The driver denies he went through a red and has counter claimed!! There were no witnesses so they’re having to go to court!

Another colleague was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured (thankfully there was a policy on the car and as she took it with the knowledge of the policy holder they had to pay out) woman, the Met should have stuck her on for both offenses not to mention dangerous or careless driving, but guess what, nothing happened to her.