what a brill day.

I met up with slarty this morning at the Ace for brekkie, and we watched Stacy`s Gixxer being Dyno tested… amazing to watch!. After brekkie Slarty and i decided to go for a ride back out towards bucks, following the A40 Towards Denham then the A413 To Aylesbury and beyond to Bucks…

Such a good ride, nice twisties, thrashed the bikes, and stopped off at a nice pub for lunch on the way back. Brilliant route, georgous weather and Slarty for fantastic company. Brilliant day! Im sooooo glad im back here now!!:smiley:

Hey Hun, I was out that way today, A40 to Postcombe for brekkie then accross the A4009 and down the A413, we had fun too :smiley:

ooh get you, we didnt see you?! hehe maybe you were too fast for us!

georg weather eh? knockout!:), i`ll see you next sunday love for the Memorial rideout…:w00t:

Was a nice day, bit too warm though, could do with a frost and some rain :slight_smile:

I must admit, stuck on the train and tube today I was begging Planet Earth to speed up spinning so that Autumn could get here quicker!

I thought that was Slarty over taking head on towards me on the A413 about 12.30-1ish today and I could see another bike with him. I was heading home from my tour of the Peaks :wink: laden with luggage :smiley:

ahhh i saw a black gixxer bombing towards me… twas you my dear! btw i have vegas money for you…:smiley:

sounds similar to my day. Went up the Ace about 4pm then was going to do A40, A413. There was a serious RTA on the A40 turnoff just after Uxbridge. Road closed, lots of police there. Could see a couple of bikes in the road. Went on up the M40 and took the A355 Beaconsfield turnoff then hooked up the A413 to Bucks. On the way back A40 still closed, lots of police and could see a Porsche 911 across the duel carriage way, looked like it had whipped out the bikers. Did something like 150 miles, too hot for full leathers though. I was sweating like a pig when I was back in slow moving traffic.

Bike of the day for me was the BLUE BUSA!! What a f***ing tool!!!

Hope it wasn’t too close :wink: Did my headlight flicker a lot ? Having a bit of a problem with it. Remember seeing a bike with a big rack on the back, did I nod ? :slight_smile:

yes we saw the accident too and were also diverted. Hope the bikers are ok?!.

it was one of those spur of the mo rides, the best type really., i managed to get a fly collection on the way too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sure was a great day!

But I wore the wrong clothes!!! Phew!

Met some people at the Polish war memorial,
went to Colnbrook,
then to Boxhill,
then to Brighton! It looked like the whole of the South of England had the same idea :w00t:

Then along to Chichester then (via Petworth) home to Putney along the A3.

Broke a couple of personal bests along the way.

I thought Miggy said the gorilla costume might be too warm today :wink:

**? **

It was a joke . . . :slight_smile: Obviously you were not wearing a gorilla costume, well, I assume not :wink:

no from what ive seen Garret has enough hair on his chest…