Wet Roll Call - Monday

Morning LB Family… to a wet start…

It can only get better…and it is getting brighter bit by bit… roll on the warmer weather and ride-outs

Have a fantastic day !

Aceman - Advertising Guru
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Zander - LastOnTheListUnlessZorroSignsUp

Happy Mondays!

Dry enough when I rode in early. Warm too! Had to turn heated grips off… :smiley:


A very dry and warm 8°C here on the far side.

We’re expecting some light showers mid morning and a bright and sunny afternoon.

It should be getting colder until Valentines Day which is traditionally the coldest day of the year, steaks and wotnots aside :wink:

Ride safe out there and enjoy the day.

Happy Monday to you all… Might blast down to Loomies for the fun of it. :smiley:

Morning all.


Good morning all.
I like Mondays off work…!

Ace Cafe - A406, M4, A3113, M3, A272 Loomies :Whistling:

Morning :smiley: I’m just happy theres no ice/frost today! Had enough of my rear end wagging on every ride! :crazy:

morning all

Morning Mo Fo’s!!!

Morning all, nice warm ride in this morning


Carry on.



Morning people, 10 degrees this morning yay!!!

Good afternoon LBers.

Oi, put my name back!