Wet neck

Some of you might be aware of my 60 mile each way commute… the only downside I have found so far is in torrential rain, my shirt collar soaks up the wet.

I already wear a cotton balaclava and oxford comfy under a huff mask - these together are perfect for stopping the freezing cold 80mph wind slowly entering my jacket - but I am happy replace all or any of these for something which would stop water entering my neck!

Any suggestions?

Only thing that gets close to working for me is a jacket with a high “storm collar” (extra bit that wraps round your neck - hopefully you know what I mean) that comes up to just below your helmet.

could try getting a kagool with a hood, put the kag over your kit, then hood over your head, then put your head in your helmet, that would stop it…

Sounds really comfortable.

Should I also be attaching string to my gloves and run it through the arms of all the jackets I’ll be wearing in case they come off and I lose them?

hehe, I’ve done the kagool thing, and its not that uncomfortable. Better than a wet neck!

Have you tried putting the hood of the kagool OVER the helmet?

If I saw someone doing that, I think I would wee myself! :smiley:

Do what I do… Put the bike up on paddock stands and drive to work;):smiley:

I would, but my sun roof is stuck open so I have the same problem :smiley:

could try http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OXFORD-2008-ESSENTIAL-THERMAL-CHILLOUT-NECK-TUBE-UNISEX_W0QQitemZ150191643561QQihZ005QQcategoryZ42507QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Stu SV (05/12/2007)

could try http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OXFORD-2008-ESSENTIAL-THERMAL-CHILLOUT-NECK-TUBE-UNISEX_W0QQitemZ150191643561QQihZ005QQcategoryZ42507QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem[/quote]

I have something very similar to that but it has a 3 inch wide stretchy fabric section at the back which gets wet then the water soaks through.

I hope its more ‘Waterproof’ than their bike covers! :smiley:

get one of these:

I wish! I’d end up looking more like Terry Nutkins…

What i do is have the bottom of the balaclava on the outside of my jacket collar. I find that stops the rain going down the neck.

Get one of these…



I have a dedicated waterproof. It’s peterstorm and I wear it over my bike gear. Whilst it does have a hood I dont use it for riding just leave it folded up inside the collar.

The collar is high and does up around my neck and touches the helmet when it’s raining. I did nearly 200 miles in it earlier this year and remained dry.

OK - I have made a tough decision and have opted to buy a dedicated ‘wet neck’ product. I shall reveal which one I bought and how good it is when it arrives and I have used it.

Knowing my luck, it won’t rain for weeks… :slight_smile:

Something you might want to look at is a different screen for the bike? Could be the current one is directing the wind and rain right into your neck? If it is it will be making your lid noisy too.

Thanks a lot dannyboy. Now I spend all my time looking at my screen thinking "I definitely need a new screen. Double bubble, obviously. Maybe in a kind of smoked blue colour. But that will look silly without a new can. Then I’ll need new boots, but they won’t go with my helmet so I’ll need a new one of those. And gloves have to match boots, obviously…"I need a new screen - I just need to find a way to break it to my son that his xmas present is a new screen for a motorbike… :ermm:

I thought gloves had to match handbag? :smiley: