Wet gusset 2

Got caught in tonights mini monsoon. (Well in Greenwich. In Bromley it was still sunny and the roads were still dry. There’s a better class of weather in Toryland?)

Yup. The once waterproof trousers had given up in the predictable area where, I suppose, they are most vulnerable. This time both pockets were also waterlogged which did for the fags and lighter. Another blo*dy fiver.

Anybody got a fix for the leaking crotch problem?

(Anyone suggesting wax or a motormans relief will be ignored.)

“tena for men” do a good line :hehe: and sponsor a fireblade in BSB toosorry … couldn’t resist it :Dbut seriously the only ones i found to be any good when i was couriering where RUKKA , bib and brace ones , used to last about a 6 to 7 months before they gave out , then they had a 12 month warrenty so i used to take them back when they leaked and get a new set , got year’s out of that


(Anyone suggesting wax or a motormans relief will be ignored.)

How do you think we felt last week?

I use a pair of Belstaff overpants from Infinity. I’ve had them for 5 or so years and they’re still going. The only place where they’ve ever let water is in where I had a small rip (they used to live in my scoot’s glove box) and that was quickly cured with some gaffa tape on the inside.
They’re not very pleasant to wear when it’s warm though.

My jacket has finally given in and let water in yesterday for the first time in 5 years though :frowning: Worst thing is that my phone collected enough water to stop working :frowning:

Easier to replace a packet of Slik Cut than a phone. No one questioned the also very tarnished loose change today.

Forgot to mention this is a pair of Lidl’s finest at £22 and they have lasted 15 months of almost daily commute use, all weathers. (They are the only pair of pants that I have that take the armour.)

Being a tight old g*t, I’d like to keep them going to the next “motorcycling event” that Lidl hold, so suggestions for a temporary fix still welcome.

That sounds a bargain, didnt now lidl did bike gear. which branch do you go to?

Nikwax Direct, we hope it will work.

Thanks for your helpful suggestions!

Do I keep the pants on when applying this, or is it a personal application?

Oh, Lidl and Aldi both have the same (random) events. You just have to be lucky and find them when they occur. They are timed to happen the same week across all branches of their stores across Eurupe.

(Loved the way that Lidl, Woolwich, had a sub aqua week which included selling bloody great divers knives in the middle of a local knife amnesty. Aldi managed a horse riding week in one of the poorest areas of London about the same time.)

Warning: Sizes are to fit the little guys in the far east that made the gear. I’m a “medium” the pants are XL.

Depends how big your washing machine is & how helpful Mrs Oldguy is and whether your Lidl scuba gear is functional at the same time.

Even I can’t work that one out and I’m not having a “senior moment” right now.

Forgive me if I don’t thing about that later.

Nikwax is a wash in waterproofing for wet weather clothing £6.99 a pot and it works!

Ah. Now I understand. Worrying for a post from this area.

I thought we were talking that slightly oily/hard lardy stuff that needed rubbing in.