Westminster Parking increase from £1 to £3.50 per day

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Oh sh!t I think I just acutally p!$$ed myself laughing. Where was I… oh yeah…


Come on everyone … in a time of serious austerity, job cuts and inflation, lets raise parking prices… why? Cos we invested in Iceland, we got no damm money and we’re stupid policitians who know feck all about managnig budgets… who doesn’t society like much… bikers are scary, lets raise their taxes… Should we raise the taxes o the car owning feckers that choke the roads stting running engines uselessly at traffic jams… no lets hit the bikers

We told you that EXACTLY this would happen three years ago, and all you complacent over-paid [email protected] said, no it’ll be fine…


just out of curiosity, is it a 24h fee? as in when I stop for a smoke along the Victoria Embankment nights at 11PM, moving away from the bike by 5 metres or so, would I need to pay that parking fee?

No that would be a smoking fine. Which is £1 per minute.

Has anyone checked whether this guy wants free BSB tickets or would he take a gazebo instead?

Odd that is nowhere on the Westminster City Council site ? Fake perhaps as some sort of attempt to inflame it all again ?

pmsl :w00t:

Called the council as well and they said it is not true. They have logged this and will get the signs removed asap.

it runs from 8 to 6:30pm …and also on saturdays when the bike bays are deserted …apparently to curb congestion

for once i agree with toby :ermm: :blink:

Not having a go Joby, i wouldnt do that, but i’ve had a load of people just slagging me off for posting it. Just wanted to let people know. Dont mind paying the £1 but upping it by that much is just taking the piss.

I’d seek medical help ASAP then, if treated quickly they may be able to prevent it developing into a full blown case of Tobyrantitus. :wink:

Looks fake , the dates are different at the bottom to the top.

Saw that as well, but thought i’ll call them to confirm.

The guy i spoke to said i was the 3rd person he’s spoken to about it today.
As i said, they confirmed it is NOT true and will get the stickers removed asap.

Panic over, so let’s all enjoy this lovely sunny Friday! :slight_smile:

so are these hoax stickers or what?

Would appear so. They wanted to cause a stir and are clearly succeeding. :slight_smile:

Well if the council says they are they must be… :hehe:

Nice one Sookie!!

That email link doesn’t work either. Glad they aren’t implementing it…yet. We need more motorbike parking bays with ground anchors before they start hiking prices.

Saw the poster, but isn’t anyone concerned about the third line down? This would worry me more…



LMAO , too much time on your hands mate !!