Westminster Parking increase from £1 to £3.50 per day

Hi there all,To all Bikers and Scooter riders in London, Westminster council are raising the parking rate from £1 per day to £3.50 a day as of 24th Oct this year. This is taking the piss especially as they have used the line " After much public discussion!!" ( Bollocks )Please please send your complaints to [email protected] OR feel free to call the “Parking Tax Councillor” Lee Rowley on 02076412852Please pass this on!!Willer

Can you provide a link for this?

Can you post link to where this increase is listed? I cant find it on the website

You probably can’t find it because it is scaremongering by NTBP again. The £3.50 charge is for a week, as it always was.

The council say they have no plans to increase any parking charges in October, according to a human being at the end of the phone today.

yeah if they were jacking it up by 250% then we’d have heard about it long before now…

not that it would suprise me …greedy so and so

It is not scare mongering, its on all the lamp post in the bike bays of Soho Square. I saw it this morning, got a picture on my phone if you want me to pass it on!!!

So are you going to come on a ride out? Or just peddle this message which no one on here really cares about as it has already been done to death, hell and then reincarnation. NTBPT have their own site and their own discussion forum within it. I suggest they have a good old knees up on there.

please post the picture as it does matter to some of us.


PLEASE DO… to save the eternal NTBP argument comin up again./…

I’ve seen a lot of photos on lamp posts in Soho, you might want to post it in the Adult Section… :wink:

I dont really see what all the hoo haa is all about. I pay £4.5 per hour in some parts of london for a car. £3.5 for a whole day is nothing for a bike. I am against a 350% increase though.

Trying to add the pic now, but the uploader doesn’t seem to like it. oh and Joby, no need to be a dick son, just wanted to pass on what i saw alright, if your not interested then just ignore it.

Pic uploader wont work, so try this link. Not great quality as its from my phone


Pic uploader wont work so try this link,


Sorry about the quality, smart phone, idiot user!!

maybe westminster council monitor this forum & see that most of you don’t really care about a trivial payment to park & bike ? :slight_smile:
& are still saying its “only” £3.50…

Like i said martin, just putting it out there for the people that might be interested.

Ride safe all

no problem Willer, i’ve been against the charge from the start… even did a couple of wesc runs…

Isn’t it a bit early on to resort to petty insults? I thought I posted a fairly polite response considering. My point was that this comes to the forum every three months or so and is irritating, then the apathy argument starts up which is even more irritating. Those that are really concerned with the issue will already be signed up to NTBPT so I was suggesting they get on with it there. But it’s fine to come on here and start throwing insults around. That usually helps you get taken very seriously.